Over the last few years in particular, podcasts have really shot up in popularity. With so many topics covered and such easy accessibility, they let listeners tap into a huge well of knowledge while doing anything from grocery shopping to driving home from work.

And as a small business owner, you’re in luck – there are so many podcasts to tune into for inspiration and information. We’ve waded through the masses to find the very best of the bunch for you to add to your podcast queue.

1. The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Run time: 20 minutes – 1.5 hours 

If you’ve had a stroll through the podcast aisles, you may have already heard of The Smart Passive Income Podcast. From American entrepreneur Pat Flynn, this is one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes, and with good reason. Pat shares his own knowledge and also interviews other individuals like him, to provide incredible strategies, tips, and insights into growing your business to generate a passive income stream.

Best suited for: Anyone looking to take their small business to the next level, particularly if they want to get to a place where they can passively earn a (or multiple) revenue stream/s.

2. Beyond The To-Do List

Run time: Usually 30 minutes, sometimes up to an hour

As a business owner, you’re probably well versed in the necessity (and brevity) of a to do list. This podcast, led by Erik Fisher, helps listeners go beyond simply ticking items off to uncover a new level of productivity. He conducts interviews with people who share their creative tips and knowhow. 

Best suited for: Business owners who want to improve productivity and spark some creativity. 

3. Eventual Millionaire

Run time: Usually around 40 minutes

Eventual Millionaire invites listeners to be a fly on the wall in conversations with real millionaires. Interviewed by business coach Jaime Masters, this is an incredible, behind-the-scenes master class with people who have seen incredible growth in their businesses to become the successful millionaires they are today.              

Best suited for: Small business owners who dare to dream a bit bigger, with their sights set on expanding their business and maybe, one day, becoming an eventual millionaire.

4. 6 Figure Side Gig

Run time: 40-50 minutes

Dr Mark Costes sits down with successful entrepreneurs and unpacks their stories in an approachable way, making it easy for listeners to follow and collect their own pearls of wisdom. The result is a podcast that’s as equally as inspiring as it is practical.

Best suited for: Mainly designed for people who want to make six figures before they quit their day jobs (hence the name), but also works for anyone who’s at the beginning of their business journey.

5. #BusinessAddicts

Run time: Usually an hour

When there’s a hashtag in the name, you know it’s not going to be a podcast that takes itself too seriously. That being said, there is still plenty of gold to be found in #BusinessAddicts. Loren Bartley (Impactiv8) and Fiona Redding (The Happiness Hunter), your self-proclaimed business addicts, help fellow addicts navigate that healthy work/life balance, proving that even a busy business owner doesn’t have to be married to their job.

Best suited for: Business owners who want to get better at striking the balance between work and play, with light-hearted but insightful content.

6. Online Marketing Made Easy

Run time: 40 minutes – 1 hour

Beginning an online business is a pretty overwhelming process. Online Marketing Made Easy, as the name might hint at, gives you incredibly comprehensive but easy-to-follow guidelines on everything you need to know. Led by author Amy Porterfield, this is like an extended master class in online business 101.

Best suited for: Anyone preparing to start an online business, or in the early stages of doing so wanting to see continued success. 

7. Mixergy

You may have heard stories floating around the Internet about a 21-year-old named Andrew Warner who created a $38.5 million dollar company. Even if you haven’t, you can learn all about that and the many successful ventures Andrew has had since in his highly ambitious Mixergy podcast.

Best suited for: Driven individuals who want to up the ante and enjoy even more success in their next start up or business venture.

8. Flying Solo

Run time: 20-40 minutes

Robert Gerrish uses a personable approach and wide network to deliver a fantastic podcast for anyone who runs (or is thinking of starting) a business on their own. It features plenty of insights that are practical and specific to those running a one person show.

Best suited for: Anyone running a business or proprietary on their own, who want specific tips to help them achieve success.

9. The Introvert Entrepreneur

Run time: Usually around 30 minutes

Who says you have to a party people person to be a successful small business owner? Beth Buelow is your impressive host, having taken the podcast into the Top 25 Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs (2014) and Inspiring Women’s Voices category (2015). She interviews successful entrepreneurs on all aspects of business ownership, from leadership to personal relationships.

Best suited for: Small business owners who want a well-rounded podcast that speaks to the various challenges of owning a business – large and small, professional and personal.

10. The Small Business Big Marketing Show

Run time: From 20 minutes to 1.5 hours                           

Tim Reid applies his more than 30 years’ experience in marketing to deliver one of the most popular business podcasts in Australia. It’s been around for 7 years, so there’s plenty of backlog to catch up on if you’re particularly keen. This longevity is also a testament to just how helpful The Small Business Big Marketing Show truly is to small business owners Australia-wide.

Best suited for: Any small business owner looking for a general, all-rounder podcast that will help them take their business from strength to strength.

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