Business owners need to find an effective way of marketing their products or services that also makes the most out of having a website. One of the most common ways of this, and of increasing your business’ visibility, is through Search Engine Optimisation – SEO. While SEO might be all over the web, there persist common SEO myths that can negatively affect perceptions and a business’ operations.

To help you sort fact from fiction, here are 3 most common SEO myths and ways around them.

1. Creating content and ‘leaving it be’

All websites need copy – it tells customers what you do, how you do it, and why they need you. But simply producing content as a one-off and leaving it to languish on your site can affect how well you rank in search engine results. Get around this by updating your content on a regular basis – e.g. publishing new blog content fortnightly and refreshing metadata annually. This helps you maintain original, up-to-date, informative, and engaging writing, which is the key to doing well for SEO.

2. Increasing site visits boosts web ranking

One of the common SEO myths is that the higher number of visitors, or clicks, on your website will boost your website’s position in search engine results. The problem here is that web traffic is different to SEO – while bounce rates and time spent on site can have a small effect on your ranking, what’s more effective is having useful and strategically written SEO web copy that keeps a user on your page for a longer period of time.

3. Changing SEO strategy with each algorithm update

Another SEO misconception is that marketers should overhaul their content strategy each and every time Google updates its algorithm. But these updates often have little or no impact on websites that already apply SEO best practices. Most algorithm updates are intended to promote wider usage of such practices by penalising those websites that do not follow best practice.

Which is why it’s always best to follow these rules so that your website’s ranking remains strong. Starting in the right direction is easy when you know the common SEO myths and how to avoid falling for them.

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