For those taking stock of 2018 and wondering where 2019 will land them, look no further than the continuous developments of the digital world. For small businesses especially, this year will bring more affordable ways to reach customers and deliver even better service.

So what digital trends should you and your team be looking out for this year?

More chatbots

Just when you thought the world couldn’t be any more obsessed with chatbots if it tried, 2019 has come to prove you wrong. Access to chatbot software is becoming increasingly inexpensive and easier to use, so businesses of all sizes can get in on the bot party.

An extra (digital) hand around the place can mean less time spent doing routine tasks and more time spent on the stuff you love. Depending on what they’re programmed to perform, chatbots have a range of skills to show off, namely fielding common queries and recalling customer info at the drop of a hat. If you’re curious to learn more about what they’re capable of, you can experiment with building your own online for free.

More video content

With a whopping 8 out of 10 Australians using social media daily, it’s no wonder 2019 will see a continued rise in social media marketing. Expect this to have a focus on video content, which accounts for quite a large chunk of user interest when it comes to promotional content.

For small businesses, this is a chance to get creative with your content and show off your brand via social media. Instagram and Facebook allow free or low-cost video content to be uploaded regularly, and even LinkedIn has jumped onboard the video bandwagon. It introduced native video functionality in 2017, and this is expected to increase in popularity in 2019, particularly for B2B businesses. If you don’t have the capacity to make your own videos, sharing video content that you like can still have a positive impact on engagement.

More customer personalisation

Personalisation isn’t just becoming a common trend, but a necessity for businesses to cultivate ongoing customer relationships. Customers who feel valued by a business will keep coming back because they know they’ll have an enjoyable experience.

Since larger brands went down this route some years back, the road has been paved for smaller enterprises to follow. Personalisation can be as simple as recalling customer shopping preferences, sending out birthday discounts and delivering content to suit certain audiences. No matter how small the gesture, your customers will appreciate the thought.

Regardless of what’s trending, content is still king this year. But if you find you’re strapped for time, why not have somebody else write for you? With four content packages to choose from and a quick turn-around, Shuttle Rocket can have you ready for 2019 in no time.