Stories always connect the past and present to the future. This is because learning from experience has the ability to help us grow, which is why it’s always good to let your customers know how your business came to be through a small business story included on your website’s ‘About Us’ page.

When thinking about your story, here are 3 important tips to tell your story and let your voice be heard.

1. Keep the content simple

Sometimes people confuse simple wording with simple thinking. But the reason for keeping your content simple is to get your story across quickly and attract your reader’s attention. Simply written and formatted content directly communicates to your reader what you do and why you do it. This means that they’ll better understand if and how your business can help them.

2. Share why you’re telling your story

When you’re writing your small business story for your ‘About Us’ page, make sure you tell your reader why you’re sharing this with them. Your purpose should give your customers a sense of what they can do – some take away – with what they’ve learnt through your small business story. This will often be why they should choose your business and your services.

3. Write your true story

Drop the jargon and unnecessary language. The plans and ideas that pack the most punch are the personal ones. You can use these to back up the services you provide, such as explaining how your particular circumstances compelled you to start you business and why this means you’re an expert in your industry.

A well-told, authentic story can encourage others to get in touch and use your services. At Shuttle Rocket, we customise engaging web copy within 48 hours. Go ahead and share your business story with your target audience today: contact Shuttle Rocket today.