We’ve given you the run down on jargon before – don’t do it! The same goes for marketing buzzwords: those clichés that get tossed round so much that they lose all meaning. Buzzwords don’t help to convince your customers about what you do. Instead, you should focus on showing your customers what you do by demonstrating your value.

Don’t get caught up in the buzz: here are 3 marketing buzzwords to avoid.

1. Thinking Outside The Box

Definition: thinking freely, not bound by limiting structures or practices.

This phrase got its start as a management term in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Since then, it’s shifted into our day-to-day lives. Assuring your customers you’re able to attack problems from a new angle can be done without using this phrase. Show your product’s or service’s unique advantage though simple and engaging product description copy.

2. Customer-focused

Definition: when the customer is the focus of what you’re trying to achieve.

Usually this phrase is empty because without customers, there is no business! Don’t say your business is customer-focused, SHOW this to your customers. You can do this by delivering measurable results and offering support and services that assist customers with their needs.

3. Innovative

Definition: incorporating and showing new methods, techniques and ideas.

This term is often overused to position a product or service as a break from the norm. But everyone has the same thought and end up using the same term. Innovative, innovative, innovative. Instead of being innovative, focus you marketing efforts on describing how or why the product you’re pitching is different from all the others.

The best place to demonstrate your worth to your customers is where they’re most likely to find you – on your website. Shuttle Rocket’s web copy packages are a great way to brush off any clichés. If you’d like more information, contact Shuttle Rocket toady.