These days, it seems like everybody has a blog – and with good reason. Blogs are a multi-use tool for businesses and personal brands alike. They can be a way of opening up your business to the world and encouraging you to share your industry expertise. Blogs can also be an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Read on to learn why this is all possible.

1. Because it helps to build trust

When people visit your site, having a blog is a great way for them to get a taste of your business and your brand. It also increases the chances of them engaging in a meaningful way with your content. Take our blog right here, you’re reading it and you’re hopefully enjoying it. It helps you get a better idea of what we do and why we do it. You also get to know us a little better, and helps to build trust in our writing and services. That’s how you want your customers to feel.

2. Because it improves your site’s visibility

When your site has content that is relevant to your business, Google takes notice. By making use of some solid keywords (quality over quantity) you can improve your search ranking. If your content is relevant to your business, it makes it easier for your customers to find you when they search online. At the end of the day, people visiting your site are more likely to want to purchase, read or share your content if you can show that you’re an expert in your industry.

3. Because your team are better for it

In our end of week meeting, we love to come together and discuss what we’ve learnt with the team. We find that it helps us share our knowledge and makes us more desirable as a service provider. Your team is probably similar. Always learning and always willing to share it.

Blogging gives your team the outlet they need to grow and share all the cool things they’ve gone out and learnt to build a knowledge base. But maybe you don’t have the time to blog or feel 100% confident in getting the words down. That’s not a problem, because getting someone else to adapt your ideas into a blog is absolutely possible.

Interested in getting started with your blog? Unsure of where to begin? Get in touch with our awesome team of blog writing experts to help get you started. Our Blog Builder package is perfect for building your blog library.