Do you want to connect with your customers? Do you want to strengthen to your brand? Adding blogs to your business website helps you achieve both these things.

Many believe that blog writing drains your time because you have to come up with witty ideas for posts. But not having a business blog is a missed opportunity. It’s a cost-effective way to promote your business, which will generate more sales, help establish your business as a leading authority in the industry and provide you a platform to broaden your market reach.

Here are some of the tips on how to come up with blog content.

1. Write for your readers

What do your readers want? Why they’re coming to your website? Business blogs are different from personal blogs: a business blog should show what your business can do for your customers – not what you did on the weekend!

Use what services you offer as fodder for blog content. For example, if you’re a dental clinic, try to provide a new perspectives in dentistry by linking it to things people relate better too. Through these blog posts try to answer any possible questions potential customers may have – as this Shuttle Rocket post does shows!

Blog posts are not essays – keep them short and sweet. Aim for posts between 250–500 words. In terms of posting, best practice is to post a blog once a week. The more the new content you provide, the higher your website will rank in search engines.

2. Use strong titles to attract attention

Don’t underestimate how powerful your blog post titles can be. A weak title not only effects how a blog post is found in a search engine, but also, before reading a blog, readers first read the headlines – bland headings turn readers off.

For example, the How criminals can teach us to blog posted over at our sister company, Avion, ties in this year biggest scandal – the Panama Papers – with tips on writing content to engage your audience.

Title your blog in a way that provides your reader with knowledge on what the post is about. Write blog post titles using action verbs and questions.

3. Be visual

Incorporate images, graphs, infographics and videos into your blog when you have the opportunity. These give you the ability to turn your potential readers into actual readers by catching their attention. Engaging visual elements on a blog communicate your messages precisely and instantly, while also providing an additional point of interest to your posts.

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