For most organisations, the bigger, the better, but what about small businesses? Can little you still make your mark on the world without the grandeur and influence of a large corporation?

At Shuttle Rocket, we think there are many merits to being little. We’ve outlined a few strategies you can apply to take advantage of your smallness below.

1. Tailor your message to different types of customers

Being small means being adaptable. So you can customise your pitch to several different audiences. While some people might understand what you do, others may not. Following a one-size-fits-all approach could result in you missing out on meeting the needs of different customers.
Think about the various types of people you’re appealing to and craft a different elevator pitch for each. When you meet someone new, think on your feet, ask the right questions and make fast, intelligent judgments about their needs.

2. Make the most of a flexible workforce

As a small business, your staff numbers probably fluctuate depending on how busy you are. Theoretically, it’s good to stay small then scale up and down as you need. The challenge with this is that it requires good management. And you need to hire the right staff. When you’re working with good people, it’s easy. When your team is just as enthusiastic as you are, everyone involved will understand the purpose behind what they’re doing.

While scaling your workforce, keep in mind these three factors:

  • Process ­– A simple process and timeline to a project.
  • Structure – A clear structure so people know who is in charge of who and what.
  • Accountability – Making sure everyone is accountable and owns their task.

3. Help from outside the box

If you’re a company that offers numerous services, you may have an arsenal of solutions that your client hadn’t considered themselves. While this is very clever, it could also mean that perhaps you’ve disregarded what they asked for and, instead, only delivered what they needed. While there is nothing hugely wrong with this, it’s restrictive.
As a company, you need clarify what it is you can provide and how you can make the greatest impact. Offering alternatives to a brief shows innovation and progressiveness. We don’t recommend that you think miles outside of the box, but clients will respect and want to work with you if you’re brimming with new and exciting ways to complete a job.

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