Most people will probably find your business first through social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This is because social media lets customers interact directly in non-traditional ways with your business. And they like that.

But from your point of view, the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to engage with potential customers on social media can be a bit confusing. To help you cut through the confusion and help boost your social media marketing skills, here are 4 communication skills social media can teach you.

1. Be clear and concise

Keeping it simple means you can focus on the specific goal you want your copy to achieve. Take social media for example: on Twitter you only have 140 characters to capture the attention of a potential customer. Because of such limited space (and time), it pays to be clear and concise.

In your everyday business, you can use this principle, too. Being clear and concise means that you communicate to your customers exactly what they need to know – without fluff or fuss.

2. Write useful and unique content

One of the most important aspects of social media marketing is producing unique content that stands out from all the rest. Ensure that the content is useful and provides your potential customers with something tangible they can do – such as take part in a Facebook contest or share a viral video.

This tactic helps you work out the value of content before you create it. There’s no use in creating something for the hell of it – always underpin your content with a useful outcome for your customer.

3. Customise your content

While being unique is important, you can’t always share a lol cat video without it having meaning to your business – especially if you’re a dog groomer! Social media is rampant with this kind of content and, in this case, social media is showing you want not to do.

Instead, build your marketing campaign by thinking of things that relate to your goals and your business values. Your audience varies on each channel and the content that you post on social media must be relevant to the specific audience that you’re targeting, as well as to your business.

4. Analytical skills

You can always tell if a social media campaign isn’t working because you don’t get any reach, hits, or clicks. Take your marketing to the next level: use analytical data to understand why. A tool like BuzzSumo can help you ride the latest trends on social media, while Social Animal will show your SEO from a historical perspective.

As with all communication – social media included – it should lead potential customers to their goal: getting what they want. Apart from social, your website is another tool that can increase business. Well-written web copy that markets your brand, along with social, makes for a strong communication strategy.

Once you’ve set up all your social channels, contact Shuttle Rocket to get some killer copy for your website.