Ever wondered how your website can get better noticed? With Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO – you can increase your website’s ranking search engine results (like Google). SEO copywriting has developed over the years, with many tried and tested methods working out how we can better do it. Not only does SEO copywriting boost your ranking, but also increases web traffic, click-through rates and sales.

A copywriting service like Shuttle Rocket has the knowledge on how to best optimise your content and can write your copy with SEO in mind. This can really enhance your credibility and show off your authority in your area.
Shuttle Rocket provides businesses with SEO copywriting services in Melbourne and Australia. When we write your content, we follow these key ways to optimise your web content.

1. Use quality keywords

Keywords are what web users might type into a search engine to find results, for example ‘where can I find product/service’. Without keywords, people can’t search for you! Keywords are sometimes inserted into web copy after it’s written, not only to save time but the keep your copy smooth and natural.
If you can’t provide fresh content, or don’t have enough time to, Shuttle Rocket can create SEO-loaded web content for you within 2 working days.

2. Relate back to the audience

Experienced copywriting services provide you with written content that’s not only clean and professional, but also relevant to industry you operate within. For example, the way Shuttle Rocket go about copy for a beauty salon differs to copy we write for the financial services sector. This is because we consider the needs and interests of your audience, and write with this in mind.
If the content doesn’t meet your target audience ¬– that is, the people who buy your products or services – or if the copy isn’t relevant, then it could confuse them and distract their attention away from your business. That’s the last thing you want!

3. Inform about products & services

Be an expert. Be the one in-the-know. Because when looking for products and services, your audience looks for content that tells them what the company does, how it measures up in the industry and how they can utilise what you have to offer.
Shuttle Rocket is always thinking about what your customers are looking for in your business. We can craft SEO-loaded web copy that conveys the quality of your products and services with a quick turnaround.

4. Exploit competitors’ weaknesses

An experienced copywriter can differentiate and communicate your product’s benefits from others within your industry. This lets readers know how you’re different and why this difference is important to them.
Shuttle Rocket’s copywriters not only swiftly pick up the strengths of your business, but also write copy that reassures your audience know why you’re a better option as compared to your competitors.
These are some of the key ways to optimise web content using SEO. Need a hand or would like to know more about creating SEO web copy? Great news! You can get in touch with Shuttle Rocket. We’ll take care of your copywriting needs and craft unique SEO solutions to your copywriting problems.