It almost goes without saying that online marketing has become a huge part of any business’ communications efforts. Although it’s important in today’s interconnected world, more traditional, offline engagement with customers still holds unique and distinct value.

Today, rather than having two disjointed marketing campaigns – traditional and digital – brands are focusing on combining them. That’s why we’ve put together 5 great offline methods of expanding your market reach that you work in with your current digital marketing strategy.

1. Partner with other businesses

Heading off to an industry-specific conference isn’t just a great way to get up to date with the latest trends and keep in touch with industry leaders. It also gives your small business the chance to interact with potential partners in your field. After connecting and sending through a well-written proposal, you’ll have the opportunity to partner with other businesses and potentially win work you might not have otherwise been exposed to.

2. Connect with customers at trade shows

Trade shows are another great way to help you connect with a fresh group of customers who are already interested in your products and services. Use a trade show to your advantage by setting up a booth where you can engage with people and hand out business cards, brochures, or flyers that direct them to your website and social platforms.

3. Offer your customers freebies

You may have noticed that giveaways have become pretty common. Wondering why? Because the return on investment for giving away a few items is certainly worth it, both in terms of improving the way people see your company, and helping you get more visibility through branded giveaway items.

Free shipping is another incentive that many online businesses use, or even sending free branded promotional products to your customers with each order they make from you.

4. Host special events

Grand openings or anniversary sales can bring back loyal customers and can also entice curious passers-by. Your event doesn’t need to be flamboyant – a simple party with music, some food and drink, and a few points of interest like a photo booth can be incredibly effective.

Hosting an event that’s relevant to your industry is both valuable to your customers and to your business. It’s a way to increase the hype around your brand whilst also engaging with your customers.

Offline marketing techniques are a great way to generate buzz and awareness about your business, but it’s equally important to carry that hard work through into your digital marketing too. Ask yourself: if customers hear about your company at, for example, a trade show, then want to learn more about you on your website, will they still be impressed?

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