To blog, or not to blog, that is the question.

You should blog. That is the answer.

To many, blogging is the forum for fitness junkies and foodies to show off their six packs and soufflés. In fact, it can be so much more. Done right, blogging will bring you a lot of business and, besides the time it requires, it’s free!

Here are four reasons you should blog:

1. Blogging is free marketing

Most likely, your business’ website doesn’t have many pages – and the ones it does have don’t get updated all that often, leading to a stagnant site. Blogging solves this problem by allowing you to regularly add indexed pages to your website. This improves your search engine optimisation (SEO), which means you’re more likely to show up in searches and it gives Google one more indication that your website is worth checking frequently. Further, with more of your pages on the internet, people are more likely to find one – more hooks catch more fish!

You can also improve your SEO using your blog’s content. Research the words people use when searching for your business – these are your keywords and, used correctly, will bring more traffic your way.

2. Blogging is great for your social media presence

Blogging yields regular, fresh content that people can share on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. What’s more, it provides a wealth of content that you yourself can share on your own social media platforms – after all, it’s much better to be able to share something you created than someone else’s work.

3. Blogging gives you a voice and establishes you as an industry leader

Well, you already have a voice but blogging provides a place for people to hear it. And since you’re an expert on what you do, you have things worth hearing. By sharing insightful advice, you establish authority. Your website will become a resource and people will come to trust your wisdom, before they’ve even met you. This will translate into sales with customers who are already aware of what you do.

Blogging also gives your customers a voice. While they can’t comment on your ‘About us’ page, they can comment on your blog posts. If a customer asks you a question, answer it. They will appreciate it and so will other readers. Engaging customers in conversation, be it online or verbal, is a great way to establish a fruitful working relationship.

4. Blogging helps you learn

Running a business is hard work and it’s often difficult to find the time to see the wood for the trees. A part of blogging is looking introspectively both at your own business and your industry as a whole. It gives you the opportunity to learn about new products, services and trends and to keep abreast of what your competitors are doing. It gives you time to think and reflect. You’ll find new ideas and approaches come to you, further fuelling your business.

Blogging offers free, easy marketing, establishes you as an expert, and helps you learn! Keen to learn more about digital marketing? We share our top tips in our free eBook, Digital Marketing for Small Business Owners.