Running a small business can be rewarding, but it can also come with a lot of pressure. Long hours, financial responsibility and the need to make difficult decisions can all feed into stress that can have a real effect on your quality of life. Small business owners often experience poor mental health.

Here, we look at some simple ways to boost your mental health.

1. Treat yourself kindly

Our culture can encourage small business owners to be self-sufficient superheroes who never need anything. But the fact that what you do affects your family and employees isn’t a reason to ignore your wellbeing. Actually, it’s a reason to prioritise your wellbeing, because others depend on you. The best way to lead and support those around you is to model strong mental and physical health. So give yourself a break, and don’t let looking after yourself slip to the bottom of your to-do lists.

2. Sleep properly

Most adults need around eight hours of sleep a night, but a lot of us get less than that. Some small business owners in Australia think that getting less sleep than their bodies need proves that they’re especially dedicated. Actually, it just makes you moodier and reduce your ability to concentrate during the day. Getting the right amount of quality sleep is one of the easiest ways to boost your wellbeing.

3. Be more active

We all know exercise is good for our bodies, but it can also be good for our minds. More and more, science shows that doing more physical activity can have a positive effect on our happiness, resilience and clarity of thought. Whether it’s team sports or brisk walks, getting moving is a great way to clear your head. That way, you’ll be in a better position to focus at work, support your employees and bounce back quickly when challenge arises.

4. Practise mindfulness

Being more aware of our feelings and thoughts helps us respond to them consciously rather than react. Evidence has found that regular mindfulness practice can equip us to better deal with stress. You could consider downloading one of many fantastic mindfulness apps, or listen to podcast to gain a better understanding of what mindfulness is and what it’s for.

5. Seek support

A small conversation can make a big difference. Just because you’re running your own business doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Reaching out to people you’re close to can help you feel a lot better.

You might also like think about speaking to your GP about the possibility of getting professional support. There’s no need to settle for “coping” when you could find ways to bring more joy to your life.

Reducing own stress can also improve your ability to make effective decisions. Looking for tips to make your business run smoother? Subscribe to our newsletter today.