When creating an online fashion store, it’s important to consider your end-user, and create a simple, secure purchase journey to encourage them to make repeat purchases – as well as referring their friends.

1. Create an easy browsing experience

With online fashion, it’s important that consumers are able to browse multiple products at once before making informed decisions. Offering the option to ‘display all’ eliminates the need to load each individual page, and offering sorting options to filter the product range to suit individual requirements (size, colour, style, occasion, as well as budget) all enhance user experience.

2. Build a great user experience

Asos’ ‘Saved Items’ option gives shoppers the chance to save items for later, without adding them to their bag. Tools like this keep visitors coming back and encourage them to make an end purchase by allowing them to return to previously viewed items and easily monitor availability.

fashion website add to cart button

Make sure the purchase process is fast and simple, too. Timeout messages, void links and error messages can all lead to abandoned shopping carts and lost conversions. Giving users the option to login quickly or check out as a guest will further shorten the payment process and reduce the risk of lost business. Luxury brand Hermes was berated by UX professionals for its barriers to purchase after a lengthy pre-registration page appeared in between clicking ‘Complete Order’ and payment being made.

3. Clearly state delivery information

With the rise of online shopping, people leave buying their outfit until the last days before a specific event. Often, your delivery times will determine whether or not they shop from you, so make sure they’re clearly accessible – and accurate.

Witchery fashion website footer

Witchery’s helpful footer clearly displays delivery and return policies for easy access from any page.

4. Provide detailed descriptions

Fabrics, measurements and sizing information is key. Omitting this information from your descriptions can leave consumers feeling under-informed and push them to shop elsewhere. Include any key information about the care instructions, fabrics and sizing discrepancies to build trust with your visitors. Well written product descriptions for your fashion store can also play a part in your SEO strategy, and make your products more visible in search terms.

5. Use clear, honest images

Budget fashion websites have come under scrutiny recently for misleading consumers with ‘over enhanced’ images of products on their online store, so using true, clear images with zoom functions is key to consumer retention. If shoppers receive a product that looks nothing like it did on the site, negative reviews and social media engagement could be coming your way. Offering a variety of angles and a zoom function allows buyers to inspect the items fully before committing to a purchase.

Esther fashion website product description display

Esther Boutique’s multi-image display with zoom function gives shoppers a clear view of the product. Beneath is a call to action welcoming questions about the item by email.

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