When consumers are looking for care services, like physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors, it’s important you satisfy their needs with a clear, informative and empathetic website. Here’s our top 5 tips for creating your physiotherapist website:

1. Clearly state your opening hours and contact information

Visitors to your site will largely be exploring options for care, or occasionally following up a referral. Making your website user-friendly by making sure your (accurate!) opening hours are displayed, alongside contact information is your best chance of conversion. If you’re open outside usual office hours, make sure this is demonstrated. Consumers generally prefer not to have to disrupt their work for appointments, so if you’re open until 9pm on Thursdays, shout about it!

physiotherapist website contact page

Capital Physiotherapy clearly states its opening hours, a map and ways to contact the clinic, making it as easy as possible to convert website visitors.

2. Communicate your authority and understanding with a blog

In a crowded marketplace, consumers are seeking a physiotherapist that understands their problem and can help them work through it. A company blog for a physiotherapist is a great way to ‘woo’ your site visitors, express your knowledge of common injuries and communicate your value in an informal, ‘non-salesy’ way. Blogs are also a great way to boost your searchability, particularly in conversational search terms.

physiotherapist website blog

Port Melbourne Physiotherapy regularly updates its blog, discussing things like ‘Why does my jaw hurt’ and ‘Benefits of a running coach’ to communicate and empathise with its audience, while boosting visibility.

3. Allow visitors to check your fee schedule

Physiotherapy can be costly, and some consumers may feel embarrassed to call and ask how much an appointment is. Allowing visitors to view your fees online gives them the freedom to assess whether or not your services are within their budget without pressuring them. This can evoke a feeling of trust and comfort, boosting your chances of conversion.

4. Tell your story and why you’re different

There are thousands of physiotherapists in any given city, so your website is your opportunity to tell people why you’re different. Perhaps you’ve got a team capable of treating specific injuries, or perhaps you’ve got great care programs. Whatever your story, tell it. Physiotherapy care is a service that commands a need for each patient to feel fully comfortable with their provider – and they’re more likely to if they feel they know who you are and what your approach is.

5. Optimise your copy for local search and services

It’s important to address the areas your practice services, without keyword ‘stuffing’. This means crafting clever copy that optimises your website for local searches, for example ‘physiotherapist open late in South Melbourne’. Keep in mind what your potential customers might be searching for – they may choose to search by condition. Optimising your copy for searches like ‘sports massage South Melbourne’ or ‘back pain treatment South Melbourne’ makes your website more visible to a pool of potential new clients.

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