Looking to create a great website for your retail store but unsure what to include to stand out? No stress. Our team shares its top tips for the best retail website content:

1. Tell people where you are

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a store’s webpage, only to find out they’re located overseas or interstate. Make sure your location is clearly shown, with a map and directions if applicable. This is also your chance to optimise your copy for local searches, i.e. ‘gift shop in Port Melbourne’.

2. Tell your story

Nowadays, it’s rare that a product sold in one store isn’t sold in another, so you need your store to stand out. Whether you’re a generational family business or an innovative start up, tell your brand’s story with a great ‘About Us’ page. You can subtly tell your audience why they should visit your store, and start a conversation between your brand and your site visitors.

3. Show your product range

Your store doesn’t have to be an ecommerce store to benefit from showing your product range online – or an overview of your best items. Showing your audience what to expect when they enter your store builds trust and gives your visitors a reason to come to you. If you sell a product that’s part of a current trend or that’s in high demand, it’s also your chance to optimise your product descriptions for search terms, for example ‘cacao stockist South Melbourne’.

4. Give your website an aspirational feel

Don’t just sell your products, sell the lifestyle of your brand. Communicate the benefits to your audience of visiting your store and making a purchase, and subtly sell the reason behind your products.

Pomegranate retail store website homepage

Pomegranate in South Melbourne sells homewares and gifts, and uses beachy, summer imagery to portray the element of relaxation and mindfulness that comes with shopping there.

5. Take advantage of exposure

If your products have been seen on celebrity ambassadors, or have attracted press attention, show it on your website. Doing so further builds trust and enhances your reputation in the minds of your site visitors. Having a drop down menu labelled ‘In the Press’ or ‘As Seen On’ gives your audience the opportunity to further explore your brand’s prevalence without it being too ‘in your face’ and appearing boastful or overly promotional.

Press page featured in retail store website

Design Stuff’s ‘Press’ page features its exposure in magazine gift guides and enhances the credibility of the store as a retailer.

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