So, you’re a qualified, experienced videographer, and you want a website that sings your song and entices clients to your expertise. What do you need to include? Whether you’re a large team of video experts or a solo freelancer, these top tips from the Shuttle Rocket team will help you craft your website to attract potential clients – after all, video did kill the radio star.

1. Make sure your website can support your video tech

One of the biggest no-nos in a website that showcases your expertise, is one that simply doesn’t work. The dreaded buffer wheel, a slow loading series of webpages or just poor functionality is likely to frustrate your site visitors and send them on to a competitor.

2. Showcase your portfolio with a killer showreel

Including examples of your work, not only builds trust and credibility of your service, but it showcases exactly what it is you do in “reel time” (get it?!). Seeing a great wedding video shot by you will work hard to attract others wanting the same service. Remember to showcase your best work, and let your work do the talking for you.

video producer showreel example

Film producer Cassie De Colling demonstrates how versatile she is across a range of projects in her showreel.

3. Tell your story and explain your approach

With creative services like videography, it’s likely that you have some sort of inspiration or passion. Tell people. Working with a video production company requires a high level of trust and likability, so your clients feel comfortable. Tell your story, what inspires you and what your goals are. Sell your story. You’ll allow consumers to immerse themselves in what you do, and get them believing that your service can satisfy their need.

wedding video production website example

C2 Films expresses its passion for translating perfect love stories into exceptional films, and showing audiences exactly how the company will capture the customer’s wedding day on camera.

4. Show your qualifications

With technical services, it’s likely that potential clients are looking for quality. Tell your audience how you got so great at what you do, to communicate your value and your credibility as a service provider. Keep the copy fairly lean, though. Pages and pages of text could risk a loss of engagement.

5. Clearly display your up-to-date location and availability

Where you are geographically, and your availability, is likely to impact on whether or not you’re suitable for a project. For example, if a couple has a wedding booked, they’re not going to move it to suit your schedule, nor are you likely to fly in from the US to shoot a Melbourne wedding. Be upfront about your availability and the areas you service. You’ll optimise your copy for Google searches, and save time on wasted leads that aren’t going to eventuate.

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