You have an attractive website and all the right social platforms, but people still aren’t finding your website. How can you better reach your audience?

With precise web copy that utilises SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you can build your startup or small to medium enterprise (SME) to rank higher in search engine results! SEO-loaded copy that has a sound structure is essential – pair this with your website and social channels and you’ll drive quality traffic to your site in no time.

A quick turnaround copywriting service, like Shuttle Rocket, provides your small business or SME with SEO copywriting services in Melbourne and Australia. Here are the top 5 tips that we use when crafting killer SEO copy for startups and SMEs.

1. Be unique & relevant

Most search engines help people quickly find and use what they’re looking by selecting relevant results for every search term. This means that when copywriting for startups, or SME, a copywriter has to craft sentences relevant to the topic being searched. Relevant content is a powerful tool because it makes your website unique. This not only raises your website higher in a search engine’s results, but also ensures your website passes any algorithmic and plagiarism tests.

At Shuttle Rocket, for example, we take the time to create content that’s relevant to what your target audience is searching for and will increase your rank in search results.

2. Choose words wisely

No one likes scrolling for days, which is why you should always keep your content precise and to-the-point. Remember, your target audience doesn’t have time to sift through irrelevant information. They want to know how your products and services can help to them, and they want to know yesterday!

Your visitors appreciate clean copy. Shuttle Rocket copywriters know this. We keep a close eye on copy, ensuring word count per page is at industry standard and is as clear and precise as possible.

3. Keep it simple

Besides your actual content, SEO copywriting plays a vital role in leading your business to the path of success. Use the keywords unique to each page in the right places, and aim for a density of about 4% keywords through your total copy.

Figuring out how to place keywords in copy can be tricky. At Shuttle Rocket, we understand that you mightn’t have the time up your sleeve, which is why we pride ourselves in being able to take care of all your SEO copywriting needs.

4. Post fresh content

Being a leader isn’t just about being an expert, it’s about keeping up with trends and explain them to your audience. That’s why updating your website with new content shows that you’re up to date and regularly informed. And being able to find this info is even better. SEO copywriting for SMEs or start ups makes sure your content is searchable and useful.

Whether you want to create a blog or a newsletter, Shuttle Rocket can help you out with SEO-loaded copy that demonstrates your expertise and knowledge in your respective field.

5. Link to other pages

So a user found one of your website’s pages, but what about all the other info you have to offer? By inserting hyperlinks to your other pages and services into the content you write, you can direct visitors to other pages and show off all that you can do.

When SEO copywriting for start ups or SME, Shuttle Rocket creates links to other parts of your site so visitors can dwell deeper into what you have to offer.

This all sounds great, but you might be thinking: “I don’t have time!” No worries! If you would like a hand writing SEO web copy, you can get in touch with Shuttle Rocket. We’ll take care of your copywriting needs and craft unique SEO solutions to your copywriting problems.