3 Factors That Make A Successful Social Media Post

Social media can be a tricky (and confusing) beast to master for businesses. In saying that, there are various factors that can make or break a social media post. We’ve put together 3 great things that really make a difference to the success of your content. 1. Use memes Who doesn’t love a good meme? … Continued

Using Your Competitors To Improve Your Website

In this modern and technologically advanced world, there’s an infinite amount of ways to promote your business. Digital marketing tools have become popular for businesses of all sizes, because they’re easy to use and often provide a reasonably high return on investment. The flip side to this, however, is that the amount of businesses using … Continued

Your 101 Guide To Effectively Communicating With Customers

Whether you’re dealing with complaints, helping with queries, or simply getting a message out, communicating with your customers is an important way to establish meaningful connections and reinforce your brand image. Contact forms, emails, social platforms, and voice messages are some of the most common ways that you can get in touch with your customers … Continued

4 Offline Marketing Strategies To Integrate With Your Digital Campaign

It almost goes without saying that online marketing has become a huge part of any business’ communications efforts. Although it’s important in today’s interconnected world, more traditional, offline engagement with customers still holds unique and distinct value. Today, rather than having two disjointed marketing campaigns – traditional and digital – brands are focusing on combining … Continued

4 Benefits Of Professional Copywriting

Many small to medium businesses now generate their own content to market their products or services – whether that’s through a blog, EDM, or social media. Whenever crafting a copy for your audience, you have to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively. This is where the importance of editing in writing takes its place centre-stage. … Continued

How To Promote A Business In 4 Simple Steps

In order to make a sale, your target market needs to see the products and services you’re offering. Traditional ways of advertising include radio, TVCs, and newspapers – all of which are very expensive and not everyone can afford them.  But it’s still possible to successfully market your business without shelling out truckloads of money … Continued

3 Common SEO Myths

Business owners need to find an effective way of marketing their products or services that also makes the most out of having a website. One of the most common ways of this, and of increasing your business’ visibility, is through Search Engine Optimisation – SEO. While SEO might be all over the web, there persist … Continued

Copywriter Or Copyeditor? How To Decide Which Service You Need

While your website gives potential customers a glimpse into your business, the real interactions come with sales! But how to get from a glimpse to a sale? Customers use your website to learn about you, which is why web copy is crucial to explain your business, the benefits you provide, engaging customers and for setting … Continued

3 Ways To Craft Engaging Blog Content

Do you want to connect with your customers? Do you want to strengthen to your brand? Adding blogs to your business website helps you achieve both these things. Many believe that blog writing drains your time because you have to come up with witty ideas for posts. But not having a business blog is a … Continued

3 Marketing Buzzwords To Avoid

We’ve given you the run down on jargon before – don’t do it! The same goes for marketing buzzwords: those clichés that get tossed round so much that they lose all meaning. Buzzwords don’t help to convince your customers about what you do. Instead, you should focus on showing your customers what you do by … Continued