Why SMEs Shouldn’t Write Their Web Copy

As a small business owner, you’re no stranger to wearing multiple hats. Tempting as it can be though, ‘website copywriter’ probably shouldn’t be one of them. While it can seem like an easy way to save money, trying to write your own web copy can cost you more in the long run. Read on to … Continued

Cheap & Quick Ways To Refresh Your Website

New year, same old website? If this is you, don’t worry – we get it. After the rollercoaster that was 2020 and 2021, you’re not alone if your website came nowhere close to your top priority. The end of one year and the start of the next is a great time to consider where you’d … Continued

How To Improve Your Business’ LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in your business’ marketing strategy, when used well. According to Sprout Social, businesses on LinkedIn generate almost 300% more leads than those using Facebook as their primary marketing platform. Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn has its own set of best-practice ‘rules’, and some things that are frowned upon … Continued

5 Elements For Product Descriptions That Sell

Writing product descriptions that sell is a skill. And while not as attention-grabbing as a clean image or sleek video, product descriptions are an essential element of your product sales funnel. A good product description will have the following elements in check: A clear buyer persona Focus keywords (for SEO) Strong body copy Slick bullet … Continued

4 Set-And-Forget Tools For Your Small Business’ Digital Marketing

If there’s one thing small business owners lack, it’s time. If finding time to get your digital marketing in order is tough, it might be time to consider a few tools you can set and forget. These tools require a small amount of setup, but they provide big returns in efficiency and time saved. As … Continued

The 5 Best Marketing Platforms For ROI

When it comes to small business marketing, good return on investment (ROI) is key to success. In a nutshell, good ROI is about getting the most out of your marketing budget — connecting with your customers where they spend time and making an impact. Once you’ve got your budget, the next step is allocating it … Continued

How To Create Effective SEO Content Without Keyword Stuffing

Over the years, Google’s search algorithm has undergone some significant changes. As a result, the way people write to get their content ranking has changed (which we think is for the better!). There’s been a shift from old SEO techniques like keyword stuffing to creating higher quality content serving audience needs first — not Google’s … Continued

How Much Does A Website Cost?

If you’re looking to create a website for your small business, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to set you back. While we’d love to give you some simple figures and call it a day, website costs are more nuanced than this. Needs differ so much that it’s pretty much impossible to throw a … Continued

How To Find The Best Free Images For Your Blog

These days, it’s rare to find a blog post, or even a web page that doesn’t have some kind of image included. Whether it’s a simple image under a headline, or multiple pictures throughout a post, using visuals is an important part of your content strategy. Why are blog images so important? The impact images … Continued

How To Set A Marketing Budget For Your Small Business

Digital marketing shines a light on your business, showing current and potential customers why you’re the best at what you do. Done right, it can increase your revenue and grow your customer base. But how much money do you set aside for your digital marketing budget? And what efforts are going to give you the … Continued