Cassie De Colling

Cassie De Colling is an award-winning director and cinematographer. She relies heavily on high-quality web copy and other media to best showcase her work. Visit site

Crums & Co

Troy Stuchbree bakes and delivers yummy cupcakes all across Melbourne. With great web copy, our writers helped him figure out how to position his business in a competitive market. Visit site

The Learning Project

The Learning Project is a collective of Australian teachers and academics striving to improve classrooms across the country. Our education writing experience came in handy. Visit site

Writing Tips For Small Business Websites

Whether you’re building a brand new site or revamping an old one, you need to think carefully about what web content you’ll include. A big part of this process involves deciding what information you want to share, how you’ll say it, and how to break this content down across individual pages. To get you started, … Continued

What Can A Copywriter Do For My Website?

While you might be thinking, ‘anyone can write 300 words about my business’, copywriting is far more complex than it first appears. Customers are ruthless and use your website to judge whether you’re worth doing business with or not. Employing professional copywriters to create your web content ensures flawless grammar and a slick public image. … Continued

Understanding SEO: Why Is It Important For My Business?

SEO is a driving force in online marketing that is complex and always changing. A great website is one thing, but getting it seen is another. Thankfully, there are some relatively simple, low-cost SEO strategies you can employ. It all comes down to one thing: relevant content. The more relevant your copy, the more likely … Continued

How Good Copywriting Can Boost SEO & Conversions

Writing good copy is one of the steps you can take towards boosting your SEO ranking (and conversion rate!). Along with other more technical SEO strategies, good content does make a positive impact – especially for small businesses on a tight budget. See how good copywriting can help your website perform better in web searches … Continued

3 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Hire A Professional Copywriter

At Shuttle Rocket, we understand the needs of small businesses – because we’re a small business too! We acknowledge success is founded on can-do, DIY attitudes. But we also believe small business owners need to identify the pros and cons of doing something themselves, versus bringing in professional help. When it comes to writing web … Continued