As a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges of small business management — from payroll and taxes, to project management and operations. Which is why we swear by using apps and platforms to help you work smarter, not harder. So after years of experimentation, here are our tried-and-tested best apps for small business owners.

1. Slack

In between securing new business, client meetings, and time spent on the tools, connecting with your staff can be a challenge. Slack is a platform that allows you streamline your communication with employees from anywhere, and we absolutely swear by it at Shuttle Rocket HQ. You can create channels for different projects, have group discussions without having to book a meeting, and speak directly with staff. It also has fun plug-ins for GIFs, and the basic model is free!

2. Trello

Trello is an easy-to-use project management platform that helps you keep tabs on different business activities. You can create bulletin boards with post-it like cards for each client or project, where you can attach briefs, items in progress and tag others. You can also devise different columns for different stages of a project. This project management birds-eye view can help streamline your operations, so everyone knows their role and where something is at quickly and easily.

3. Harvest

For many small business owners, time is precious. With so many things going on, the day might slip through your fingers, making it hard to pinpoint where your time is best spent. Harvest is a time-tracking tool that allows you to clock how long you spend on each project. It can help you get a better picture of how your day is spent. It’s also pretty handy for quoting time-based projects.

4. Expensify

As a small business owner, you may hire a helping hand to manage your books e.g. a bookkeeper or accountant. That being said, getting all your expenses organised can make your accountant’s life easier, and can help save you time and money too. Expensify is an automated expense management platform that lets you scan your receipts, reimbursements and expenses in all one place. It also integrates with platforms like Xero, Uber, and Oracle, which can eliminate a lot of the admin time it takes to organise your finances and expenses.

5. Canva

Gone are the days of having to spend on graphic designers for smaller assets. Canva is an intuitive drag-and-drop platform that lets you create professional designs, without the creative know-how. Newsletters, social assets, documents, white papers, invitations and branding — you can do it all on Canva. It’s also free!

How to put the extra polish on your small business

Internally, setting yourself up for success with the best tools for your small business is important. Externally, getting your content down pat can put that extra polish on your business, and let your audiences know who you are. Here at Shuttle Rocket, we know the ins and outs of small business content. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help make your small business content sing.