It’s mere weeks till Christmas and we’re all sitting here wondering where 2019 has gone! As the year winds down, it’s that time where we start thinking about gift ideas for our clients. For some, giving gifts is a regular part of the festive season. For others, it may be something you’re looking to make more your own.

Regardless of where you may sit on the matter, we think it’s important to unpack the value of gift giving in the business world, and why we give gifts in the first place. We’ve also included a few gift suggestions that might be perfect for your clients, along with some tips on buying the right gift.

Why is it a great idea to give gifts to clients?

Giving a gift is about relationship nurturing and strengthening the bonds between you and your client for the long term. It also shows that you’re grateful for their continued loyalty to you and your business.

The relationship you have with your client won’t be measured by the size or value of your gift. As your client receives something from you for the holiday season, it shows that you care and value your relationship. In return, you’ll have continued trust and a stronger partnership, providing the opportunity to develop further work. This is the real gift. Especially for small businesses, this is a great way to stand out and be remembered as caring, thoughtful and considerate, which can open up doors to new clients.

Gifts are a great way to celebrate the year’s achievements or time you’ve had together. They also act as the perfect jumping off point to discuss what’s coming in the next calendar year.

Being proactive and targeted with your gift giving can go a long way to building good working relationships for the year ahead. A key way to do this is to take time and research what your clients might be interested in.

Thoughtful gift giving

There’s nothing better than a thoughtful gift (e.g. something more than the generic gift voucher). Even if you don’t know your client well on a personal level, there are some quick things you can do to uncover what they would really love in their Christmas stocking.

For example, a quick browse around their socials can yield some excellent results. They might be sharing book quotes on their LinkedIn profile, or are liking a lot of posts from business leaders. If they are, why not treat them to an Audible subscription? Audiobooks are great gift for clients who might not have all the time to sit down and read a book, but love to listen and learn while they’re on their daily commute.

Another client might have a passion for sustainability and green workspaces. If that’s the case, maybe some funky metal straws or a monogrammed re-usable water bottle could look great under their tree.

If your client likes to spend the summer being active outdoors, a Fitbit or Australian Open tickets might be the perfect gift for them.

The season of togetherness

The holidays are an ideal time to celebrate the people around you, and the relationships you’ve built. Whether they’re a new client or someone you’ve known for a long period of time, it’s great to give them a gift that continues to build that relationship.

A personal and thoughtful gift can make someone feel really special, no matter how big or small. So, take the time for your clients, take note of their values and get them something that’s meaningful. That way, you can continue to build something to next Christmas and beyond.

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