While your website gives potential customers a glimpse into your business, the real interactions come with sales! But how to get from a glimpse to a sale? Customers use your website to learn about you, which is why web copy is crucial to explain your business, the benefits you provide, engaging customers and for setting you apart from others in the industry.

Appealing web copy meets the needs of your customers. It’s also error-free and consistent. This is when you can get a professional copywriter or copyeditor to lend a hand. To make sure your copy will convert customers from glimpsers to buyers, learn the difference between copywriting and copyediting – and which one matches your business’ needs.

How does a copywriter help you?

The difference between copywriting and copyediting lies in how each role works with words.

‘Copy’ is one of your most essential marketing tools – it’s the words you see in this blog, or in a newspaper ad or on a website. Copywriting uses words that are attuned with what your ideal customer wants, and helps boost sales. Good copy is clear and easy to understand. Great copywriting goes even further – it tells a story.

Copywriting isn’t just words, it’s also about making sure your business gets found in the world wide web. Professional copywriters optimise your copy for SEO. This is about using established digital techniques that improve your website’s ranking in a search engine, like Google.

Besides optimising content, copywriters want to help your business compete with your toughest competitors. Which is why the range of affordable Shuttle Rocket copywriting packages lets you pick from a quick revamp to a complete transformation.

How does a copyeditor help you?

A copyeditor, on the other hand, works with content that’s already been written. This can include a website or even hardcopy pages. A copyedit is not as intensive as copywriting, and will focus more on spelling, grammar, punctuation and structure. Copyediting is useful for long-form documents, like annual reports and online manuals.

But if you want to update your website’s content, it’s more beneficial to have a copywriter create fresh content. In our highly competitive business world, up-to-date, quality and error-free content assures your audience of your expertise and showcases your authority as an online presence.

So if you want to give your website a makeover, contact Shuttle Rocket today. Our local, in-house team can produce quality copy within 48 hours and get you on track to turning the glimpsers in your target market into buyers.