Short on time? Looking to create professional copywriting for your small business? Don’t let corporate jargon seep into your web copy. Customers read differently online – they skim and want to easily find information on a page rather than trawl through content.

As a small business, you should consider a few key things that make copywriting for small business successful. At Shuttle Rocket, we can provide businesses with SEO copywriting services in Melbourne and Australia, and we always keep these key concepts below in mind when we write your content.

Using SEO, keywords and meta data

The internet has redefined copywriting in many ways. Where once an ad in the paper could be read and forgotten, nowadays web copy is forever searchable.

Experienced copywriters whip up new content for your website and refresh your existing content with SEO, keywords and meta data in mind. These three together increase the rank of your website when it’s searched through a filter like Google.

The team at Shuttle Rocket can take care of these problems for you by using the right content, keywords and meta data that is unique each of website’s pages, so you’ll soon be topping the results.

Tapping into desires and needs

Ever wondered why you want something as your driving past it? It’s all about desire and need. And good copywriters understand how the desires and needs of your customers can be used in web copy to persuade them to get in touch or buy from you.

Copywriters, like ours at Shuttle Rocket, use keywords and phrases that convey a message about your services to your customers with powerful yet enticing tilt toward what they want.

Shuttle Rocket is a team of qualified and experienced local copywriters. We don’t compromise on quality. You can get in touch with Shuttle Rocket and we’ll take care of your copywriting needs.