As a nonprofit organisation, you’re likely stretched thin as it is. Stretched thin for resources, time, and of course budget. That makes the decision to invest in content marketing services, such as a copywriter, a tricky one.

Is it essential? Maybe not. Could it benefit you? Quite possibly. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to whether it’s worth investing in copywriting as a not-for-profit, but there are potential benefits you could experience. It all depends on you and your organisation’s circumstances.

3 top reasons not-for-profits invest in a copywriter

While there are many potential reasons a not-for-profit might choose to invest in copywriting, we’ve delved into the top 3. If any of these resonate, it could be the right move for you.

1. It’s all a matter of time

“Time, what’s that?” you may ask, mentally calculating the things you need to get done after you’ve finished reading this article. We know that many not-for-profits are quite time-poor, and we also know that working with a copywriter can save you a tonne of time.

Professional copywriters write all day, every day, which is how they’re able to whip up so many words so quickly. In comparison, you might find yourself staring at a blank document for 10 minutes waiting for inspiration to strike.

That time could definitely be better spent – doing what you do best (and ticking items off what’s probably a very long to do list).

2. All hands are already on deck

Non-profits tend to attract hardworking, passionate people. But no matter how dedicated someone is to their work, they have their limits.

If your team is already at capacity (or even beyond), adding the strain of becoming communications and marketing whiz kids won’t help. Even if you’ve already got someone on your team in that field, a big project like a website rewrite is often far too much for one person to handle.

3. Effective communication is key

You know the incredible work you’re doing, but does everyone else? Getting your message out there can be crucial to achieving your goals; whether that’s educating the public on key issues, acquiring sponsorships, selling products, garnering partnerships, or a combo of several things.

Without an effective communication plan, your website could go unread and your Facebook posts unliked. Copywriters know how to write with SEO, UX, and accessibility in mind. Or, to translate that into plain English, they can write to ensure your message actually reaches its intended audience.

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If you’ve nodded your head at least once while reading through this post, you could potentially benefit from investing in copywriting for your not-for-profit. Shuttle Rocket has a team of experienced and skilled copywriters that are ready to help you.

We pride ourselves on our affordable, clear-cut copywriting packages, so you know exactly what the costs will be upfront. If you’d like to find out more, or you have any questions, get in contact with us today. We’re always happy to have a chat!