Ever slave over an email only to hit send and find an error? Yep, dread! Even worse if there are errors in your web copy.

When creating content for your small business, you should always edit and proofread before you publish. And a key thing is to keep an Australian context in mind. This is because you don’t really want to set the wrong expectations. Keep your copy to an Australian standard to help users identify who you are and where you’re from.

Here are a few more reason why you should edit and proofread with an Australian context in mind.

Help customers know where you’re based

A small thing like the way we spell and use words can help customers know what business context you operate in. For example, if you’re from Australia and you see a word ending with ‘-ize’ or ‘-or’ (‘famaliarize’, ‘color’) you might assume the website originates in America.

Using standard Australian English spellings help to locate your business before your customer has clicked through to you contact page.

Be a trustworthy source

‘Clean copy’ is copy that’s error-free and meets the objectives of what it set out to achieve. Be it a newspaper article, academic research paper, formal email, or an essay, clean copy is clear and readable.

Not only for comprehension, but also for consistency: error-free copy builds trust and reliability with your customers or clients. This is because it implies you care and take time to explain. Having a reputable business with a trustworthy brand converts to strong customers and interactions.

Avoid ambiguity

George Orwell said ‘Never use a long word where a short one will do.’ This is mostly because when we read a word we don’t know, it pulls us out of what we’re reading. These ‘dollar words’ are distracting and can muddy your key messaging.

To help avoid glaring mistakes and ambiguity, try to pick words that are common and easy to read.

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