When it comes to starting or expanding your own business, you need to get the funding from somewhere. While it can feel impossible to get the money you need, there are actually lots of ways to get your ideas off the ground.

1. Apply for government grants

There are so many government grants out there for Australian businesses. Sometimes finding the right one can feel like work in itself. Take a look at the Grant Finder from business.gov.au to see if there is a grant relevant to your field.

2. Start a crowdfunding campaign

They say it takes a whole town to raise a child, and the same could go for your business. If you have an idea that resonates with people, don’t keep it to yourself. Start a campaign on Kickstarter, Pozible or another crowdfunding platform and you could get the people power (and the dollar power!) you need to get your idea moving again.

3. Seek out venture capitalists

Venture capital is money provided to early-stage, emerging, and emerging growth companies. Along with providing a solid capital base, getting a venture capitalist on-board could provide you with the mentorship and connections your business needs to really take flight. AVCAL represents most venture capital organisations in Australia, check out their website for more information on how venture capitalism works.

4. Take out a loan

Most banks offer loans especially for small businesses. It’s a good way to get a quick financial boost while maintaining your independence. However, it’s important that you go into loan applications with a plan, and a clear idea of how you’re going to get your return on investment.

5. Ask friends and family

If you’re starting small, sometimes keeping it close to home is your best bet. Whether it’s helping out with setting things up, or giving you a financial boost, friends and family can be your biggest asset when it comes to getting your business off the ground. Just make sure you’re there to repay them in kind.

As you can see, there are many ways you can find the funding you need to grow and nurture your business. While application processes can take some time, giving your business the best possible advantage is a great way to kick-start your dream.

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