Cutting costs can be a prominent decision that business owners sometimes need to make. While it may open up revenue in the short-term, it can also pose issues in the long-term. One of those is your website, specifically, your web copy. This might not seem like a key part of company success, but sacrificing your web copy can hamper growth and damage your brand’s reputation.

If you are trying to develop a strong online presence, having effective web copy can elevate your business to a new level of growth. There are ways that successful copywriters will take the extra step to help your business develop.

They ask the right questions

One of the important differences between a successful and unsuccessful copywriter is how they prepare. To deliver copy that sticks to your business values, a good copywriter will ask you the right questions for your business, such as:

  • who are you targeting?
  • what does the audience like, hate, fear, love, worry about?
  • why are your products important to your customers i.e. do they solve a want or need?
  • why should someone choose your business over a competitor?

These might be tough questions to answer, but they come from a copywriter’s fresh and unbiased perspective. Your answers will help a copywriter compose a detailed brief. This will address things like:

  • objectives
  • specific outcomes of the project
  • your requirements and details
  • any required resources
  • target audience
  • your company’s desired market
  • the tone of the project
  • your competitors.

This preparation is key to taking your web copy from good to great.

They understand SEO and the latest trends

Another trait of an expert copywriter is their genuine thirst for discovering the latest digital and SEO trends. Making your web copy optimised for the newest tech innovations is really important, because what once was maybe good copy a few years ago can be quickly outdated in today’s rapidly evolving digital world.

Making sure your web copy is ready for new developments like voice search and increased video use is going to be highly beneficial for your business. Without this up-to-date knowledge, your website might not reach a large number of potential customers or generate enough sales.

They know your audience

Outsourcing the creation of your web copy to a cheap overseas-based freelancer or agency can come with a host of potential issues, such as content being lost in translation, or they don’t know your locally-based audience. Your business should focus on using experienced, quality and Australian-based resources. This ensures that the right language is used for the Australian audience you want to reach.

If you’re looking to utilise a local copywriting service that can understand your business needs and not break the bank, you might want to chat to our Shuttle Rocket team.

We make sure that your work is delivered in an efficient and timely manner without compromising the quality of the copy you receive. If you’re interested in an affordable small business copywriting package, get in touch with our team today.