After a long period of hibernation, Google has finally announced the release of its updated Penguin algorithm – this is referred to as Penguin 4.0 by the SEO community.

Penguin 4.0 is different because it now has real-time crawls, which means that it’s now more important than ever for you to conduct regular website audits to ensure poor backlinks aren’t compromising your site. Penguin 4.0 is also page-specific, meaning that if certain sections on your site abuse SEO and metadata, then those specific sections can be penalised rather than the entire site.

The update allows web developers to build genuine and useful websites or e-commerce stores, while also penalising inappropriate backlinks that abuse SEO.

Google Penguin SEO update

The purpose of introducing the Penguin update is to get rid of websites that misuse SEO tactics – like including keywords and metadata that have nothing to do with actual website’s activities.

Google has always been clear that you should only ever produce high-quality websites with useful content that genuinely helps and guides those who use them.

Past algorithms, as well as this Google update, help evaluate what is quality, ethical and useful content and to reward those sites with higher organic rankings in search results.

If you’re aiming for high-quality content, think about including web copy that’s optimised for Penguin 4.0. Contact Shuttle Rocket to find out how we can craft copy that Google can find.