From overstuffed inboxes to the 24-hour news cycle, we’re all inundated with information. The amount of digital content we come across increases by the day and our poor old analogue brains are struggling to keep up.

So if your potential customers are adrift in an ocean of content, how can your small business reach them? What can you do to make sure your content marketing connects? Here are four ways to make sure your messaging diamonds stand out from the rough.

1. Offer value

Your audience will read your content if you offer something that’s useful to them. Remember, your small business digital marketing isn’t about your small business: it’s about your customers. Always make it clear what your readers will get out of interacting with your company.

Every word on your website should be interesting, entertaining or useful.

2. Have a unique voice

Nobody wants to read cookie-cutter content. If you want to break through to make more conversions, you need to understand your brand’s voice. If your small business was a person, would they be serious? cheeky? creative? ponderous? practical? Once you’ve worked out what your business sounds like, it’s a lot easier to amplify your message.

It’s also worth checking out your competitor’s websites – odds are you’ll find that some of them are a lot less interesting than they could be. Work out the things that make your business special, then go from there.

3. Cut out the clutter

Losing your key messages in the noise of the net is a tragedy. Losing them on your own website is careless. In our experience, too many small businesses bury the lede by hiding what they’re trying to say among unnecessary detail.

Customers have short attention spans, and don’t owe you anything. Fight to keep them by making their online experience as easy as possible.

There’s a whole lot of clutter in our online lives. Your customers will love you if you don’t add to it.

At Shuttle Rocket, we write unique, dynamic copy that’s tailored to your business that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. To find out more, get in touch with our friendly Australian team today.