White label copywriting (aka white label content) is outsourced copy written by an external agency that’s delivered with your services. Business-to-business (B2B) white label copywriters can come onto a project at any stage and partner with you to create quality content on a tight deadline.

White label copywriting can help you to:

  • deliver an end-to-end service (e.g. full web development)
  • save valuable time and money
  • outsource talent as you need it
  • guarantee professional copy – without chasing up your clients.

Copy written by a dedicated copywriting agency can help you to stay in control – reducing in-house pressure and keeping your clients happy. Let’s dive into how to partner with an external agency with white label copywriting.

Go for someone you can trust

While there are plenty of freelance options out there, trusting an established, Australian copywriting agency means you know who’s writing your content and can stay in the driver’s seat.

Copywriting agencies (like Shuttle Rocket!) have a team of content specialists at their disposal, which means better reliability and speed of delivery. Having a go-to content agency you can rely on means you can take on more projects and boost profits.

Find a flexible solution, from ad hoc to ongoing

In the agency world, you might land a big project that calls for more hands on deck – yet hiring new staff can be time-consuming and expensive. White label copywriting services are a fantastic alternative, as you get the great results you need, without the hassle.

Alternatively, maybe your client wants an ongoing retainer with written content to complement your design, SEO or digital marketing services. White label copywriters can write unbranded content as you need it. Plus, having a partner copywriting agency also ensures a consistent quality standard and tone of voice.

Pick the right option for your business

With white label content services, you can choose one of two avenues. Depending on the project type and size, you can choose to:

  1. Introduce the copywriter as a trusted partner working under your wing.
  2. Manage all contact with the client.

Both white label copywriting options can produce major benefits for the client, as they can get all the services needed from one agency.

Option 1: Handle all communications with the client in-house

Send your briefs, questionnaires and anything else a writer needs to get cracking. Your copywriter will write up a storm, send the unbranded work to you to ship off to the client.

If the client has changes, no stress! Flick those back to the writer to make any necessary tweaks to ensure your client loves their content.

Option 2: A professional copywriting agency can communicate with your client under your brand’s name

If your team doesn’t have time to be the gatekeeper for content-related communications or finalise missing information from a brief, a professional agency can manage that under your agency’s name. Depending on your needs, Shuttle Rocket can be introduced as your trusted partner.

Get quality white label services in a flash

For a professional white label copywriting agency you can count on to jump on a project at any stage, look no further than Shuttle Rocket. With experience across industries such as not-for-profit, finance, health, education, government and sustainability, our skilled copywriters will produce something your client will love. Get in touch with us to get started today.