More often than not, your homepage is the first thing customers will see on your website. While your homepage should contain a lot of meaty information about what you do, it also needs some strong supports around it. One of these is a killer About Us page.

In fact, upwards of 52 per cent of visitors to a homepage will then go on the hunt for some ‘about us’ information. So regardless of what industry you’re in, your About Us page is a critical part of your web presence.

Despite the importance of a great About Us page, many brands don’t spend nearly enough time crafting their story in a way that engages customers. We’ve taken a closer look at what to include on your About us page, and how to create one that will make you stand out.

Tell your customers who you are

If a potential customer has taken a liking to what’s on your homepage, their next step will likely be to your About Us page. Why? There are a few key reasons.

Customers want to learn about who is behind a brand

By providing a peek behind the curtain, you’re offering visitors a chance to get to know who you really are. If you have a great team, be sure to showcase their skills and expertise so people can relate to them as the brain trust behind the business.

People are attracted to good storytelling

In fact, they’re 55 per cent more likely to buy the product in the future if they love the brand’s story. If you have a unique or compelling tale to tell, don’t be shyshare it with the world!

Visitors are searching for connections between themselves and your brand

When someone visits your About Us page, they’re looking for more than information about your amazing product or outstanding service. They’re also looking for the ‘why’ of your business. Don’t forget to outline your mission statement or big goals. If a customer can identify with these, you’re well on your way to securing a loyal and raving fan.

Explain how you’re different

Your About Us page is a great opportunity talk exclusively about who you are. It’s also the ideal place to outline why you’re different. After all, visitors are looking to find out WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)so the content on your About Us page should clearly communicate what sets you apart. Depending on your business, there are a few ways to do this.

Focus on your strengths  

If you’re the only brand on the market who does what you do, state it loud and proud. This could include a type of sustainable material your product uses, or a process you follow that ensures quality every time. Whatever your unique selling proposition (USP) is, make it crystal clear.

Use data to your advantage

Look at your numbers and analyse what they’re telling you. For example, if you’re small producer with a presence in some of largest stores around the world, let people know. But be careful not to slip too much into hyperbole. Remember to use factsnot fictionto sell yourself and your brand.

Show off your expertise

Recognition matters. Your About Us page is the ideal place to list your credentials and spruik your outstanding achievements.

By clearly communicating what makes you different, you’re offering visitors all the reasoning they need to choose your brand over someone else.

Talk about your values  

The late Steve Jobs, said, “Marketing is about values.” In a lot of ways, he’s right. Your values are the core of your brand’s makeup. They’re also one of the main things that customers will be looking for on your About Us. This is especially true in an era where how we do business is more important than ever.

Whatever your values are, be sure that they’re true to the ‘how’ and ‘why’ your business operates. If you’re dedicated to sustainability, be sure to highlight it. Is your brand always looking to push the boundaries? Or maybe curiosity is a core value you identify with. By actively promoting your values, you’re encouraging like-minded customers to engage with what makes your brand special.

Your About Us page shouldn’t be an afterthoughtit needs to be a core part of your overall website messaging. If you’re in need of a new About Us pageor your current one needs a face liftit can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, there’s an affordable and effective solutionget some expert small business copywriters to help tell your unique brand story.

At Shuttle Rocket, we love crafting copy that connects. Get in touch with the small business marketing team at Shuttle Rocket and see how we can help to make your About Us page shine.