Every day, Google receives 63,000 searches per second. This means that if your audience is looking for an answer to a question – whatever it may be – chances are they’ll be looking for it online.

That’s where your business comes in. By including educational content relating to your service offerings in your marketing strategy, your audience can find the answer they need right from the source.

What is educational content?

Educational content is content – whether a video or a written communication like an article or review – that aims to share your knowledge with your audience. Hubspot suggests that it’s worth thinking “of your content marketing plan like your car, and educational content as the fuel.”

Educational content creates and adds value to the way your audience encounters your business online. It’s a way of setting it apart from your competitors, engaging your audience and lowering customer support costs. It may even be an effective lead generation tool. By drawing on your skills and credibility, you’re likely to build a relationship with your customer (or a potential client) based on trust.

It can bring in business

Including educational content in your marketing strategy can be an effective way of bringing in new clients. It demonstrates to them that you know your stuff, and provides a greater return on your customer’s investment because you’re showing you care about how they engage with your product or services.

Educational content needn’t be overly expensive to produce, either. Depending on what you need, you may be able to make use of existing assets like your website or social media channels. There are also plenty of free online resources available to get you started. You could begin by reading up on tips to boost your audience engagement with video, or by finding out more about creating your very own educational YouTube channel.

It demonstrates your organisation’s position as a thought leader

In the same way that showing your audience what you know can bring in new clients, educational content demonstrates your business’ position as a thought leader. Readings booksellers in Melbourne does this particularly well via the reviews section on its website. Various employees have the opportunity to pen reviews of new publications, promoting sales and showing their customers how much they love and understand the book market.

It’s a form of customer support

Educational content is another way of providing your customers with dedicated support. It might demonstrate how to use a product you sell, or how to perform a service you provide; potentially leading to fewer complaints and greater customer satisfaction because your audience is informed.

Spruiking its D.I.Y. know-how, Bunnings Warehouse has a dedicated YouTube channel with videos about how to use their products, from building dog beds to home renovations. The content is designed to show customers how they can get more out of their recent Bunnings purchase.

At Shuttle Rocket, we’re dedicated to creating blog content that dips into what we know, so that we can share it with you. Not only that, it lets us flex our writing muscles so that prospective clients can see how good we are at copywriting.

Need a helping hand? Our Melbourne-based content creators can work with you to develop the way you share knowledge, and much more! Get in touch today.