Do you ever find yourself spending more time than you should on digital marketing? The reality is, your marketing efforts don’t need to be overly complex to be effective. Here are some reasons why good digital marketing doesn’t need to be complicated.

It’s about your audience

It goes without saying that your audience is what drives your product and service. So, you need to focus on them. What are their pain points? Do you know what their specific needs and wants are? Keeping your audience top of mind when developing marketing materials can end up saving you money on advertising in the long run, as you need your message to hit home and drive sales. Careless marketing can result in money poorly spent on ineffective messaging.

So, how do you connect with your audience? Do your research to determine where you can best reach them. For example, you could conduct research by devising buyer personas to help your business understand the mindset of your customers.

It’s about what you do, not how much you spend

Some businesses find that making use of free tools is a great way to promote themselves organically without the need to spend money. There are plenty of ways to increase your online presence without blowing a hole in your marketing budget. For example, while it can be simple and effective to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to your website, careful focus on driving organic search traffic may produce similar results. Whatever your methods are, ensure you test them regularly to see how you’re performing and what’s working (or not working!).

Here are some things you can try out that won’t cost a fortune:

  • Carry out an A/B test
  • Set up an e-marketing campaign
  • Come up with an SEO optimisation strategy for key platforms and feed this back into your content cycle
  • Refine your social media strategy – decide where you frequently post and what content you’ll use to reach your audience.

Good digital marketing is also about refining the approval process for publishing and launching. A methodology that marketers use is the ‘lean marketing’ principles – an iterative method for learning and applying these lessons to your business. For example, you can build small ideas, take them to market, measure the results, learn and repeat the lessons learned.

It’s an opportunity to get creative

We’ve all experienced the illusive ‘aha’ moment – the time we solved that problem ruminating in our heads for days. Digital marketing presents an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to join a few weekly hashtag themes, or try your skills at designing infographics. Whatever it may be, testing to see where new content ideas lead can be a good strategy for improving your digital marketing efforts.

When all things are said and done, it’s up to you and your business to decide on how to invest in your digital marketing efforts. Do you want to make an impact on your webpage? Our Homepage Revamp is a fast and easy solution.