Every year, two trillion searches go through Google. Two trillion! That equals close to six billion searches a day. With so many people moving about on the web, there are so many opportunities for businesses to engage customers through digital marketing platforms. But what are these platforms, and how can they be used?

Every business can utilise these platforms to grow their client base and benefit customers. In this article, we outline what platforms you can use and how they can become a part of your marketing strategy.

Digital marketing platforms unpacked

When planning your digital marketing and content strategies, you’ll find that there’s a wide array of online marketing tools at your disposal. Understanding these platforms, and how to use them is an essential step in growing your business.

Social media

Eight out ten Australians use social media daily, and you can take advantage of the platforms that enable this by building a strong social media presence. Social media is integral for growing your business’ brand, providing a multitude of platforms to engage with your customers in a more ‘social’ way, and have a more personal connection.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sell insurance, IT or Italian leather shoes – customer engagement starts by building up a strong social media presence, using eye-catching visuals, as well as relevant social media influencers.

Rather than focusing on your product, it’s important to understand that social media marketing is about building a following, and looking at more than just singular social media posts. Getting customers hooked with a post is one thing, but getting them to follow your business’ page, and be encouraged to follow through to your website is where continued engagement is key.

Each social media account requires something different for your business, such as:

  • Instagram: where engaging visual content meets short and sharp copy, with only seconds to engage with your viewers before they scroll on!
  • Facebook: a more diverse mix of customers, it’s important to use slightly longer copy to engage your audience, but also make it user friendly for both younger and older viewers
  • Snapchat: Where engagement comes down to mere seconds, marketing needs to be explosive and capture the viewer’s attention immediately
  • LinkedIn: Where businesses in 2019 thrive; building professional and engaging content is key for your success on LinkedIn. Combining video and written marketing content will greatly help grow your company’s online presence through this platform.

By understanding these intricacies, you’re able to find your digital voice and ensure that your business has that same voice across every digital marketing platform you utilise.

Email marketing

While email marketing may not seem as flashy and new as the latest social media platform, it’s still a relevant digital platform you can use to nurture customers. Keep in mind, email marketing can be fresh and exciting itself. New marketing and design trends are always evolving the engagement potential of email.

These days, email marketing platforms like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor allow you to build in exciting content like GIFs, videos and emojis, so you can deliver important new promotions and updates to keep customers coming back.

Blog posts

Blog posts are a huge digital marketing tool in developing continued customer engagement for your small business. While impressive visuals are a great first step in introducing a customer to your business, the storytelling power of a blog post is what can keep them coming back.

Blogs can be hosted on your website, giving you opportunities to build a following for your business, create links to your product pages and other articles for your customers to read.

Having an interesting and engaging blog will give your customers something to look forward to, with blog writing catered specifically for your audience and what they want to read.

Rather than a single post, you can approach your blog posting like the chapters of a book, continually building your business’ story and encouraging customers to come back for the next piece to read.

Where do I go next?

Whatever digital marketing platforms you employ, communicating to your audience with well-written copy is key. It may seem overwhelming trying to create content to satisfy all your channels – but that’s where we can help!

Starting with a Shuttle Rocket Blog Builder Package is the perfect first step in beginning your digital marketing journey, with our Melbourne-based copywriting team able to help convey your messages engage your audience. Launch your business’ digital journey with Shuttle Rocket and contact us today.