Social media influencers populate our Instagram and Facebook feeds, and that’s only set to continue into this new decade. However, their reach doesn’t just extend to their tribe of followers. Studies from Tomoson reveal that influencer marketing ranked as the fastest-growing consumer acquisition method, generating on average 22 per cent of customers.

Businesses are utilising influencer marketing for a reason – it works. But what marketing techniques can a social media influencer add to your small business? We’ve unpacked some influencer tips and techniques that you can use to grow your company’s customer engagement.

Posting regularly

When you’re scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed, you’ll notice that influencers with large follower numbers are posting content almost every day.

With a regular presence, influencers start to be more well known, and the same goes for your business. If you’re writing blog posts, posting these regularly can translate to increased brand awareness.

Regular blogs act as continuous chapters to your brand’s story, revealing more information and more personality, which can help you to build more trust in your brand.

Regular posting that includes long-tail keywords can also help your search rankings. This helps to boost traffic to your website, ranking higher on Google due to their close resemblance to real questions from users.

Creative and engaging visuals

Whatever your social media poison is, there’s a high chance you’re going to be drawn in by colourful or engaging visuals. According to Brain Rules, when you hear information, you’re likely to only remember a mere 10 per cent of it three days later. If a visual element is paired with that same exact information, that percentage increase to 65.

Your company can utilise a whole range of visual assets in your own marketing channels like punchy infographics or a well-crafted video. Specifically with video, studies from Aberdeen Studio show marketers are getting 66 per cent more qualified leads per year, and a 54 per cent increase in brand awareness.

Visual assets are a great way for you to engage your customers in a more creative and storytelling manner, while building your brand’s identity

Using incentives

Giveaways. Even if you’re on social media for a matter of minutes, you’re bound to see plenty of these on your screen. We don’t know how high our chances of winning are, but yet we still enter, because of incentives. Influencers will ask for simple things to enter a giveaway like:

  • Following their account
  • Commenting on the photo and tagging their friends
  • Reposting their original post.

All of this increases that influencer’s follower count and visibility. You too can do the same thing with your business’ marketing, but in a different way.

For example, you can use a call-to-action (CTA) to ask customers to sign up with their email address to receive a free asset like an eBook or a how-to guide. Not only does the customer receive an engaging and informative piece of content, but your business receives their email address. This allows you to build a bigger contact base to send newsletters to, increasing your visibility.

Where do I swipe next?

As you can see, influencers employ effective marketing techniques that can be adopted and repurposed for growing your own small business. If you’re wanting to use some of these techniques to help boost your small business customer base, you may consider bringing in some external help.

At Shuttle Rocket, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality copywriting at an affordable budget – perfect for small businesses. We love staying on top of influencer techniques and trends, and shaping your content to deliver higher customer engagement, and a better ROI. Check out our packages on offer, and get in touch with the Shuttle Rocket team to help your marketing take off.