Thank you for asking Shuttle Rocket to help you write your web content. Simply submit answers to the questions below and we’ll get you going in no time.

Please do not copy and paste information from existing websites or brochures. We have crafted each question carefully to deliver the best outcome, but only if you answer them in your own words. Please do not skip any questions unless otherwise indicated. The more effort you put into your answers, the more you’ll get out of them.

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If you don’t have all the relevant information on hand or need time to think it over please download this alternate questionnaire to fill out and email to us at your own leisure.

    1) Contact Information

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    If your website is brand new, skip this question and go straight to How do you want to sound to customers?

    2) What do you dislike about the copy on your existing website?

    3) Please explain with a little more detail below.

    4) What is the purpose of your site? *

    If you are an artist, please think of the word 'customers' as 'fans' in the context of this questionnaire.

    5) Can you provide any links to inspiration? *

    i.e. Are there any particular websites or brands you like? Why?

    6) What keywords or terms would people type into Google to search for your website? *

    7) How do you want to sound to customers? *

    8) Do you have any customer testimonials we can include?

    If so, please copy and paste here the quote and include the name of customer.

    9) Is there anything else about your business you’d like to tell us?

    Writing your Homepage

    10) In a nutshell, what do you do? *

    11) Who are your customers? *

    Provide an overall description of them, and tick the relevant boxes below.

    Types *

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    12) What problems do you solve for customers - and how? *

    Tell us in a few words how you make their day easier.

    13) Why do customers come to you/like you? Do you offer something unique? *

    14) Currently, how do customers usually find you? *

    15) Please tell us the names of a few of your competitors. *

    16) What makes your business different to your competitors? *

    Please tick the relevant boxes and provide an explanation for each box ticked.

    17) Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

    Writing your 'About' page

    18) Can you briefly sum up your business’ mission or long-term vision? *

    19) How and why did your business begin? *

    20) If applicable, tell us briefly how your business has grown/evolved over time?

    21) What makes you and your team great at what you do? *

    22) Who is the face (or faces) of the business? *

    Please explain name, role, duties and relevant experience of each key person.

    23) Is there any further information you’d like to add about your team?

    Writing your 'Contact' page

    24) Contact Information


    Email *

    Phone *

    What are your business hours? *

    25) Where are you based and what areas do you service? *

    26) How would you prefer customers contact you? *

    27) If they call you, will they speak to you personally, or one of your team members? *

    28) If they email you, how long does it take for you to get back to a customer if they leave you an enquiry? *

    29) Do you actively use social media?

    If you ticked any of the channels, please provide the URLs so we can view them.

    30) Would you like to share with us any additional information?

    Writing Your First Services/Products Page

    31) What is the service/product you offer? *

    32) Why do customers need it? *

    33) List three benefits this service/ product provides. *

    34) What do customers risk if they do NOT buy it? *

    35) How do customers make a purchase? *

    36) Is there anything else you’d like to add?

    Writing Your Second Services/Products Page

    37) What is the service/product you offer? *

    38) Why do customers need it? *

    39) List three benefits this service/ product provides. *

    40) What do customers risk if they do NOT buy it? *

    41) How do customers make a purchase? *

    42) Additional Information.