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Product Description

Looking for an overhaul that delivers results? Let us craft 5 or more pages so you leave an impression from every angle.

Our 5-Page Facelift is perfect for small businesses that wish to share more information about who they are and what they offer. Whether it’s showcasing staff bios, describing your range of products or services or explaining how something works, this web copy package has you covered.

What you get:

  • SEO analysis

Our talented copywriters will inspect your website to see what keywords and key phrases you (and your competitors) are using. We’ll then make sure they’re used effectively throughout your copy.

  • New SEO meta titles and descriptions

Increase your conversion rate with strategically written sentences that tell search engines (like Google) and readers what your website is all about. You can add these titles and descriptions without professional help yourself.

  • 3 x homepage slogans

Short. Sharp. Succinct. Let us help you capture the essence of what you do in one memorable phrase or sentence. Repeatedly use the one you like best or alternate between all three – it’s totally up to you.

  • Web copy for your homepage, about us page, contact page and 2 x services/products pages (up to 200-300 words each)

Can you describe what you do in a way that engages and excites? Writing about it is one thing – selling it is another. Whether it’s for your home, about, products or services pages, we’ll carefully craft the words you need.

  • Ability to add more pages for just another $100 per page

If our copywriting packages don’t quite fit, you can ask us to write more pages for an additional fee. This could be used to describe particular products or services in more detail (i.e. one product or service per page).

  • Free revisions

At Shuttle Rocket, it’s our mission to create content that your readers love. If your customers aren’t impressed with what’s new, let us know and we’ll offer you free revisions within 10 working days of delivery.

  • A cheat sheet to help you upload your new content

We don’t just deliver web copy then leave you in the lurch. Each copywriting package comes with an easy-to-follow guide that explains how you can upload new content to your website, step by step.