In order to make a sale, your target market needs to see the products and services you’re offering. Traditional ways of advertising include radio, TVCs, and newspapers – all of which are very expensive and not everyone can afford them.  But it’s still possible to successfully market your business without shelling out truckloads of money by simply promoting your business online.

Here’s how to promote a business in 4 simple steps using online media.

1. Post blogs with high quality content and SEO

This is a long-term strategy and also one of the most important ways through which you can market your business online. Blogs are not only a great way to demonstrate your expertise by showing people what you do and how you do it, but you can promote yourself as an industry leader by offering tips and tricks to your customers. Add effective SEO strategies into your blog content and you’ll start to see higher traffic to your website and over time you’ll rank better in search results.

2. Engage your customers through EDMs

Posting letters or postcards to your customers is seen less and less, mostly because of the cost and time it takes to produce print content. You may still want to send a card at Christmas, but during the year there’s a better, and more cost-effective, way to engage your audience: EDMs. An EDM lets you develop the same relationship with your customer, but with ease and a higher ROI. Utilise systems like Constant Contact, Get response or MailChimp, and tailor your EDMs quickly or set up campaigns well in advance.

3. Connect with industry influencers

Make the most of who you know – or who you admire – by connecting with industry influencers. A great way to extend your business’ reach is by commissioning guest blogs about the experience of building a business, or of success and failure. These kinds of blogs are not only interesting to your customers, but they’re great to boost your SEO ranking through keywords and showing your own worth within the industry.

4. Use social media

Like we said: there are infinite ways to promote your business – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, newspapers, web ads, YouTube, etc. Having active presence on social media lets your demonstrate your value to your customers – not only through what you offer, but also by showing off your personality as a business.

Keep in mind: products don’t sell themselves. These are some of the many ways how you can promote your business. Contact Shuttle Rocket to get some killer copy for the web, EDMs, and social media.