Online shopping giant Amazon launched its Australian store in December 2017, positioning itself as a massive disruptor for Australian-based retailers. And though the launch and its subsequent operations have been widely considered as rather underwhelming by most, it can’t be doubted Amazon’s impact will be significant. Recent actions by Amazon to effectively lock Australian customers out of its US and overseas-based operations haven’t greatly affected the brand’s launch down under. However, you can protect your business from the “Amazon effect” and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market – here’s how.

Deliver great service

Delivering great customer service will not only help stave off the competition, but it will improve your brand’s reputation to keep your customers coming back, time and time again. In a competitive market, finding a point of difference is crucial.

Give the sort of service you’d like to receive

If you treat your customers how you like to be treated, delivering great customer service and improving brand reputation is easy. In fact, it can be as simple as having a positive demeanour, some acknowledgement and a quick thank you. This will highlight that you’re always there for them; it’s a great way to show your customers that you take customer service seriously and also foster trust in your business.

Create a better, more user-focused experience

What do all major disruptors – think Airbnb and Uber – have in common? They offer a service that is different from what currently exists, and they provide an experience that puts the user first. By creating a customer experience that has their best interests in mind, you’ll be serving your business’ best interests. While you may not be able to outprice or offer a bigger range than Amazon, you can impact the experience a customer has with your business and create an experience that’s more personal.

Communication is the key to every good (customer) relationship

Bad news travels fast. With an ever-visible digital presence, the power of a positive or negative review of your product or service can have devastating consequences. Maintain regular communication with your customer. If it looks like your delivery or service may run a little over deadline – communicate that. Your customer will be more forgiving if they find out before the deadline, as opposed to after. Not delivering on a promise is bad, but not communicating why you didn’t deliver or what you’re going to do about it is worse. It will only lead to a disappointed customer and damage your brand’s reputation.

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