Following, in no particular order, are some tips you should consider when marketing your business. If you haven’t thought about these already, now is the time.

Context is key

You know those ads that come and go – those where you remember the ad but not what it was for? To avoid this happening to you, ensure you’re relevant. Show how your offer fits into the bigger picture of your customer’s lives. Sell the problem you solve, not just the product.

Show & tell

Demonstrate. Show off your product or business offer and tell people about it. What is it and what does it do? People need to know what you are selling, so break it down into simple terms that anyone can understand. That way, customers can easily see how what you offer applies to them.

Introduce the people behind the product/business

Your clients want to meet the people behind the product and the people who use it. There’s a reason many websites have an ‘About Us’ page; your potential customers are on the prowl for the right business and they want to find an expert who is qualified to solve their problem. Differentiate yourself from your competitors and make yourself memorable.

Know your audience

If you are targeting a specific demographic or geographic audience then customise your marketing so it’s as relevant to them as possible. Make sure you cater to the right audience for your business.

Presentation goes a long way

Making your business look good, whether it’s a current website design or great packaging, makes people pay attention. Although we’re told not to judge a book by its cover, it doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Don’t use scare tactics

We all know how quickly we can turn the other way when we see something confronting – like scrolling as fast as you can passed that image of a spider someone has posted in their social feeds! Harassing people and using scare tactics is not the way to go. Focus on the benefits of your wonderful service or product and don’t frighten people into engaging with you. Be organic and approachable – it’s a much friendlier option.

Connect, human to human

Your aim is to start a conversation, so try really hard not to talk at your audience. Talk to them. We all want to feel connected to one another, so reach out and make that connection.

Include a call to action

Make it super easy for someone to purchase your product or service. If a person makes it all the way to the end of your campaign, website or email, it’s likely they are interested in making a purchase. Don’t create roadblocks by making your ‘Contact Us’ page obscure or your checkout page overcomplicated. (For example: if you’re interested in learning more digital marketing tips and tricks, why not download our free eBook?)

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