One of the most rewarding experiences to come out of your career is the opportunity to share your passion for your industry with friends, family, colleagues and fellow enthusiasts. You’ve put in the long hours, built a strong team of likeminded individuals and are confident you know the ins and outs of your specialist area. Plus, you apply your knowledge daily to give your clients and customers a great experience – so it’s only reasonable you want something to show for it all.

Where to begin? Here are some ideas for how to share your passion with the world.

Get your blog on

While it may seem like every man and his dog have a blog these days – seriously guys, dogs have blogs – few of them are done for the right reason. While an exceptional marketing tool that can do wonders for your website’s SEO, blogs are not simply about generating sales. Genuine, well thought out content can mean more eyes on your business, and offers your audience more value than they bargained for when checking out your website.

If you’re an expert at baking cheesecakes, a blog provides a perfect platform to share recipes and tips with other cheesecake fans. If you’re a social media marketer with a penchant for getting post likes, share your knowledge with the world by blogging about it! Whatever your specialty, sharing information through a blog can help you reach your audience in an effective and meaningful way.

Podcast your passion

If you’ve got a wealth of useful information at your fingertips, a great way to share this is by creating a weekly or monthly podcast. This might be anywhere from three minutes to an hour long, featuring updates, advice, product features or interviews with other savvy industry thought leaders. You can also promote your podcast on your website, blog and social media channels for extra traction.

Host events or workshops

Hosting networking events not only gives you the opportunity to share what you’ve learnt through your industry experience, it also presents an opportunity to expand your contact list and meet others who share your passion.

Similarly, giving seminars on subjects you consider yourself pretty savvy on can broaden your company’s reach and increase your credibility as an industry professional (i.e. it can be a great marketing strategy!). When you share what you know, everybody wins.

Stay social

How are your social media platforms looking? If they’re up to date with your latest events, office happenings and projects then you’re on the right track. If, however, they’re an outdated collection of blurry office selfies, it might be time to reconsider your social media strategy.

Social media can be a powerful and effective way of sharing your passion with the world. Take a moment to consider what platforms will work best for you (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn?) and get started posting regular, high quality content on what you know best. These platforms can also allow you to tag other relevant businesses and individuals to engage them in conversation. Let passionate discussions ensue.

Share your learnings

Just like hosting networking events, sharing your learnings is another way to demonstrate your passion. You can do this by blogging, posting on social media or sending out email blasts to your audience. These updates not only bring something new to the table for those who follow you, but also provide the opportunity to be constantly filling in the gaps of your knowledge. If you’re truly passionate about what you do, a couple of hours spent researching and learning cool new stuff to share with your audience should be pretty easy to fit in.

Getting the low down on the latest productivity tools and apps or a new piece of technology that’s shaking things up in the industry will keep you (and your business) in the loop. Likewise, staying relevant excites your clients for future projects and helps bring in new business.

Have a passion to share, but not quite sure if you can do it yourself? No worries! We offer affordable copywriting packages that allow you to focus on your passion, while we create content to share it with the world. Get in touch today.