Good content is a must in today’s digital landscape; it increases brand awareness and has the power to make you memorable. But what exactly does ‘good content’ look like and how can you get your business recognised online? Below, we take a look at content and how it has the ability to generate awareness—ultimately, more sales for your business.

What is SEO?

First of all, let us explain that ‘SEO’ is an acronym for ‘search engine optimisation’. This term refers to the process of enhancing websites so that people can easily find them via search engines like Google. One way a site is ‘optimised’ is through the use of appropriate keywords and search terms. Google uses complicated algorithms to rank these pages according to how relevant they are to a user’s search query.

How can I increase the chances of my content being noticed?

As you can see, having great content is integral to enhancing SEO—and, in turn, getting noticed. There are some straightforward ways in which you can improve your likelihood of ranking in a search, such as:

1) Keep it relevant

Personally, you’d only read a piece that was interesting, right? If a post goes off on a tangent or is uninteresting, you probably won’t waste time reading it. Think about what you look for in a good article or body of text and try to relate these elements back to your topic. The more relevant your content, the more likely Google bump up its popularity for a particular search term.

2) Keep it fresh

The more regularly you post content, the more updated your information is and the more you engage with people. Google will recognise you as an avid contributor, paying your website more credit as a viable and trustworthy source of information.

3) Keep it user-friendly

Make sure your information is readable, easily accessible and clear. Pay attention to factors that contribute to the overall user experience such as loading times, annotations, headings and visual aesthetic. The more effort you put in, the happier your users will be and the more Google will reward you.

4) Keep the code clean

When your web developer codes your page, they’re essentially spelling out your website’s structure and functionality. The less complicated (and error-free) it is, the easier it is for Google to understand what your website is trying to convey.

5) Keep adding keywords (but don’t overdo it)

Having the right balance of keywords is an art. Conveying your business message without sounding repetitive and still using a good amount of keywords is difficult. The main thing to keep in mind here is selecting the right keywords and weaving them into your copy seamlessly so that people don’t stumble and trip on awkward phrases. Think about what someone might commonly google when searching for the solution you’re offering and use tools like SEM Rush to get some ideas.

Having great material entices people to connect (and reconnect) with you. If you’re unsure about your web content, the team at Shuttle Rocket can help. Take a look at our affordable packages and have one of our seasoned small business copywriters professionally write your content for you.