What’s Important When Writing Page Titles?

The page title for each of your website’s pages is an entry point to your site. It’s the first thing readers see after they’ve searched something through a search engine. These titles communicate what your customers can expect to find on your page. So here’s what’s important when writing page titles. Relevancy to page content … Continued

Why To Edit And Proofread With An Australian Context In Mind

Ever slave over an email only to hit send and find an error? Yep, dread! Even worse if there are errors in your web copy. When creating content for your small business, you should always edit and proofread before you publish. And a key thing is to keep an Australian context in mind. This is … Continued

Spark Up Your Website With Pictures And Video

Creating videos or shooting photos that complement your content, and hosting them on your website, is an effective way to showcase who you are, what you do and how you do it. For example, the Shuttle Rocket home page uses a carousel of videos in our hero banner to convey to our customers who we … Continued

How Copywriting Can Help Your Business Succeed In The Long-Term

Short on time? Looking to create professional copywriting for your small business? Don’t let corporate jargon seep into your web copy. Customers read differently online – they skim and want to easily find information on a page rather than trawl through content. As a small business, you should consider a few key things that make … Continued