The 5 Best Marketing Platforms For ROI

When it comes to small business marketing, good return on investment (ROI) is key to success. In a nutshell, good ROI is about getting the most out of your marketing budget — connecting with your customers where they spend time and making an impact. Once you’ve got your budget, the next step is allocating it … Continued

How To Write Your About Us Page

More often than not, your homepage is the first thing customers will see on your website. While your homepage should contain a lot of meaty information about what you do, it also needs some strong supports around it. One of these is a killer About Us page. In fact, upwards of 52 per cent of … Continued

How To Grow Your Newsletter List

With the pervasive use of social media, the humble newsletter may seem a little dated. Which is why it might come as a surprise that newsletter has a significantly higher organic reach than social media. Organic reach on Facebook has been on the decline since 2014, with some estimates putting it as low as 6%! … Continued

Marketing Tips To Borrow From Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers populate our Instagram and Facebook feeds, and that’s only set to continue into this new decade. However, their reach doesn’t just extend to their tribe of followers. Studies from Tomoson reveal that influencer marketing ranked as the fastest-growing consumer acquisition method, generating on average 22 per cent of customers. Businesses are utilising … Continued

The Lowdown On Digital Marketing Platforms

Every year, two trillion searches go through Google. Two trillion! That equals close to six billion searches a day. With so many people moving about on the web, there are so many opportunities for businesses to engage customers through digital marketing platforms. But what are these platforms, and how can they be used? Every business … Continued