Whether you’re a graphic designer or a digital marketing genius, a great website is essential. You need to tell your story and communicate your value in an engaging way – but not everyone has a way with words, right? We’ve put together our top 5 tips for what to include on your tech services website:

1. Make it clear what you do

In the space of digital services, often your clients will come to you simply because they don’t understand how to do something themselves. That’s why it’s important to be able to sum up your business in one or two jargon-free, simple sentences. Capture people’s attention as soon as they hit your homepage, and get them in the know.

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On our Shuttle Rocket homepage, we’ve summed up exactly what we do in a few words, all ‘above the fold’. That’s to ensure we’re capturing the right people – if any local astronauts happen to stumble upon our page hoping for a return shuttle to Mars, this will set them straight.

2. Optimise your copy for search results

Clients often look for a specialist in their area for help with things like website design, cloud systems or digital marketing. Making sure your web copy is optimised for the locations you service makes you far more visible on Google search results, linking you to potential clients who’s needs your services satisfy.

3. Define your brand voice and unique selling points

Nowadays, the internet is packed with SEO specialists, logo designers, CRM consultants – the list goes on. That’s why it’s important to define what makes you different, and tell your audience. A punchy ‘About Us’ page and an eye catching homepage tagline can tell your story and communicate your value as a service – including why you stand out from the rest of the pack.

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Milkman Agency’s quirky tone showcases its creativity and gives their brand a personality. It’s this engaging content that’s your opportunity to capture new clients.

4. Link to your social channels

If you’re getting social, show it on your website. Referrals through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are now considered solid ways to generate leads, so make sure your social channels are in line with your website and overall branding. Encourage engagement outside of your webpage by directing traffic to your social streams to boost your chances of conversion from brand recall at a later date.

(On that note, did you know we’re on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn AND Facebook?)

5. Get blogging

Blogs are great for SEO. Regularly updated web content is highly regarded by Google, so just posting automatically gets you searchability brownie points. That said, a well-written blog is a great chance to interact with your audience on a more informal level, while still maintaining the opportunity to showcase your expertise. Cross-linking between your blog and social channels also makes for shareable content, boosting your audience and reach. Get creative with your company blog. It doesn’t have to be a plain old ‘blog’.

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Swim Communications chats on its ThinkTank, expressing opinions on industry topics and running competitions to spread the love.

Get started writing your tech services website today

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