When you’re reworking your web content, a copywriter might ask you, ‘What sort of tone of voice shall we use?’ As a small business, it can be tough to know – particularly if your business is completely new, or you’re going in a new direction. When you work with our Shuttle Rocket copywriters, you’ll be able to choose from a range of tones.

To make it easier, we’ve crafted some copy for a fictitious accountancy firm in 5 different voices. This may help you differentiate between tones, and understand which suits your business best.

The Clear Converter

The Clear Converter adopts a tone that’s punchy, bold and to the point. The sales-oriented voice aims to hook your reader in and persuades them to find out more.

Are you looking for a dedicated team of finance professionals to handle your individual or business tax obligations? At Dylan Accountants, our diverse range of services can assist your requirements from every angle, and take the hassle out of managing your finances.

We believe that diligence and careful management of finance and tax can be a key driver of wealth and business success. If you’re ready to make a change and get your finances working for you, get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll identify ways we can help you, and channel our energy into generating the best outcome for you.

Give us a call – it’ll be the best call you make today.


The Cheeky Creative

The Cheeky Creative likes to have a bit of fun. The voice aims to build rapport with your audience and encourages them to fall in love with your brand.

Hey there. We’re Dylan Accountants – yep, accountants. But trust us, we’re more than that.

We work with small businesses with soul, and take the monotony out of taxation. After all, you’re too busy doing awesome things for your clients and customers to be crunching numbers – that’s our craft. You’re a master of trade, and we’re masters of ours.

We run on our energy and passion for helping small businesses achieve their goals through smart financial management – and coffee, of course. We might love numbers, but we’re not your average math nerds. We’re a vibrant bunch, really. If you’re looking for a fresh approach to your business finance, get in touch. We’ll lock in a time to chat face to face and get to know you and your business. Just let us know a time that suits you – and your coffee order, obviously.


The Inspirational Leader

The Inspirational Leader is all about wisdom. This voice grabs your reader’s attention and shows them how your brand can change their life.

We are Dylan Accountants. Our ethos when it comes to business taxation, is ‘leave no stone unturned’. Your business goals are our top priority. We won’t rest until we’ve honed every possibility, and explored every avenue.

We believe that taxation shouldn’t disrupt your business growth. Our team is committed to seizing every opportunity possible to ensure your accounts are in order and on track to achieve your goals.

If you’re looking for a unique approach to business accountancy, connect with us by phone or email. We’re ready to lead the way in transforming your business finances and operational productivity. Whatever your journey, we’ll get you there.


The Expert

The Expert knows their stuff. Leveraging a deep understanding for your craft, this voice explains what you can do, and why you do it best.

Welcome to Dylan Accountants: Melbourne’s leading accounting and financial advisory experts. Over our 20 years in the financial services industry, we’ve worked with a number of businesses in many sectors, and fine tuned our unique approach to business finance.

Every member of our team has been trained to our elite company standards, ensuring every client receives the best results and the best service, every time. Our company is aligned with a culture of providing client service on a superior level to any other. We understand every business’ needs are different, and our dynamic team of finance professionals are ready to help you grow. Get in touch to make an appointment.


The Friendly Storyteller

The Friendly Storyteller builds a connection with your audience on a personal level. By telling the story of your brand, you’re generating empathy and welcoming them into your world, developing a relationship that’s built to last.

Through our 3 generation-strong family business, we’ve been proudly servicing individuals and businesses across Melbourne for over 30 years. Headed up by our director, James Dylan, our dedicated team of financial services professionals is forever striving to help our loyal clients with all of their financial requirements.

Our commitment to you is to provide the highest quality service in Taxation, Auditing, Financial and Management Accounting, Superannuation, Business Advisory and Corporate Compliance. We work with you to achieve the best outcomes, and our dedication to meeting your needs is evident in everything we do. Put simply, we’re passionate. James and the team live and breathe numbers – it’s something that runs in the family.

We welcome you to give us a call or visit one of our stores, where one of our friendly team will book you in for a meeting. We’re looking forward to working with you.


Hopefully, these examples demonstrate the difference between tones of voice, and how important it can be to choose the right one to suit your business. Looking for copy for your website? Select a Shuttle Rocket copywriting package to suit you, and we’ll get to work on the brand voice you love.