Whether it concerns your sock drawer, your breakfast, your coffee order or even your route to work, variety is indeed the spice of life. Having a good balance of diversity keeps things interesting – this is particularly true with online content. Different styles can be used to keep people on their toes and engaged with what you have to say. In this article we explore three different types of content and how each engages associated audiences.

Content types and who interacts with them

When choosing what material to create, it’s important to think about who you’re targeting. Consider how your audience best perceives information and how you can leverage this to convey your business’ messages.


  • What it is: Vimeo, YouTube, clips on social media. Can include many forms of multimedia like images and text.
  • Why it’s valuable: Easily shareable, interactive, great for SEO (search engine optimisation).

Video is a great way to engage people through a single clip. It provides you with an avenue to explain your business (or elements of it) quickly and creatively.

Keep content short (around three minutes) to cater for short attention spans. Transcribe your scripts so that people can read what they don’t understand and/or see what the video is all about without having to watch every second.

Transcribing your video scripts also improves SEO by enabling Google to index your keywords for relevancy.

This medium appeals to visual learners – people who prefer to absorb information in pictures. They are creative consumers who would rather sink their teeth into graphic content and remember ‘feelings’ and imagery over dry data.

Graphic design

  • What it is: Images, infographics, memes, maps, timelines, illustrations, charts and graphs.
  • Why it’s valuable: Fun, makes information easy to process, shows that you’re cool and exciting.

Clever use of graphics is a great for conveying a mass of information. When used wisely, a good visual will provide readers with all of the data they’re after in one place. You can also use graphics to show customers your imaginative, quirky side. Just make sure your message is clear and readable, and that your image isn’t cluttered.

You should also ensure that all images you upload and publish are coded with ‘alt text’ and/or captions. This way, they are indexable by Google and will provide SEO benefits.

In addition to engaging with visual learners, you also appeal to number crunchers. Detail-oriented and logical, these people work well with figures. They demand cold, hard facts that empower them to make their own informed decisions.


  • What it is: Blogs, articles, case studies, interviews, long social media posts.
  • Why it’s valuable: Tells a story, creates rapport and industry authority.

Written content allows you to attract a readership while garnering SEO value (if you use the right keywords in the right places!). The beauty of quality copywriting is that you can express your views and opinions while gaining credibility in your field. Keep entries regular and relevant – when you constantly post great content, both Google and your viewers will reward you.

Good copy appeals to lovers of language – wordsmiths that learn through literature. These people appreciate clear, concise material that is equally interesting and informative.

Diversify and conquer

It is likely that you have a range of people with different tastes and interests looking at your business. Mixing up your posts with diverse types of content helps you appeal to more viewers and strengthen your online presence. Experiment with some of the styles above to see how your viewers respond!

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