While you might be thinking, ‘anyone can write 300 words about my business’, copywriting is far more complex than it first appears.

Customers are ruthless and use your website to judge whether you’re worth doing business with or not. Employing professional copywriters to create your web content ensures flawless grammar and a slick public image.

The right web content will not only do your products/services justice, it will convey exactly what you want to say – and that means customers will know what you’re all about and how you can help them from the get-go.

Copywriters give your business a brand identity worth talking about

Your business image is more than just a visual web design. A flashy website still needs copy that represents your business and what value it brings.

Experienced copywriters craft taglines and paragraphs that make you sound smart, professional and worth contacting. And as well as being wordsmiths, copywriters are also brand agents. They will create a voice for you, or enhance one you’ve already established. Based on your business and target market, they use language that not only resonates with customers, but also showcases your brand and style.

Copywriters help you save valuable energy and time

Setting up – and nurturing – a small business is time consuming. You might intend to write new content for your website, but never find the time.

Professional copywriters save time and energy, and free you up to do what you do best: run your business. They are naturally good with words, and will help you articulate key messages much more easily than if you tried to think of them yourself.

If you’re worried about a copywriter not understanding your business or what you want to say, you shouldn’t be. Good copywriters always ask the right questions – this helps them come up with the content that will make your business shine. You always get the opportunity to review a draft. Once you provide feedback, copywriters go back over it before finalising the copy, ensuring you’re happy with what’s delivered.

Copywriters improve your SEO rankings

Applying the right SEO web copywriting techniques improves the chances of your website being seen by customers actively searching for your products/services – and your conversion rate. Such methods include cleverly writing your meta descriptions, marking up heading styles, linking to internal pages throughout your web copy and using engaging keyword-rich language that sells.

What Shuttle Rocket can do for you

We have an excellent team of Melbourne-based copywriters who are well equipped to craft bespoke small business copy for you. With just a 48-hour turnaround and satisfaction guarantee, why wait? Select one of our copywriting packages now to get started.