Page views or customer engagement – what should you focus on? Well, it depends on your objective and your target audience. Understanding the function of both views and engagement will help you make the right choice.
‘Page views’ refers to getting people to view your page (i.e. to click on it and look at it). And ‘customer engagement’ refers to getting people to interact with your site in a meaningful way.

Customer Engagement Encourages Conversion

Customer engagement is an ongoing dialogue, so it’s important to have a goal in mind – improving your product? nurturing loyalty? increasing sales?

For example, you can provide them with clear tools that make it easy and efficient for them to get what they need. This will involve understanding the needs and expectations they have, discover factors that encourage their involvement and also acquire new customers through word-of-mouth marketing.

Nurturing an ongoing and genuine relationship with customers can aid your business by building your brand awareness and, hopefully, drive your conversation rate. Customers who receive positive customer service are more likely to stay with the company.

Page Views Increase Search Ranking

On the other hand, page views go hand-in-hand with increasing how many people look at your page and, in turn, increase your rank in search engines.

Page view data can measure the amount of time your average customer spends on your site. This gives you an indication into if they’re reading or watching the content on your page; the higher the average time suggests they’re using the info you provide. You can use these metrics to increase your ad rates and ranking – both of which ensure you get seen.

It’s important to note that while page views increase your reach, they serve no purpose if they don’t get your customers to actively engage (e.g. to buy from or return to your site).

First you need to work out what you want – engagement or views – and why. Once you have your goal, contact Shuttle Rocket for quick, easy and professional copy to suit either cause.